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Thread: First timers doing pvp in Crom Cimmerian End and having fun. what a novelty :)

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    Default First timers doing pvp in Crom Cimmerian End and having fun. what a novelty :)

    Yesterday me and my friend went to catch up with some bori diggers, 2 vs an entire guild raid (from 7 initially to over 15 at the end) of pve enthusiasts (I guess) doing their AA prowess xp grind (not a bad idea actually). As you can assume it was a massacre on both sides, as they where really noobs at pvp and with paper pve gear most of them would go down with a couple combos

    The fights went from them being totally shocked or clueless, like standing still until death or running aimlessly trying to figure out what to do against these 2 blood frenzy players one shooting people, to actually use more useful tactics like sending the soldiers first to tackle us or using cc'ing (ah what a good thing cc are). Anyway it was all fun and laugh from our side, it felt like a throw back when we were all noobs at pvp, but what stroke me most was they were having fun too (it was the first time for them to experience some pvp) and instead of the typical hate tells we where just laughing at each others. They enjoined so much than when it was time to log for me, they were really disappointed the fun was coming to an end and they had to go back to bori digging.

    Ok, it has to be said that we were just 2 so I presume this made it for them bearable to experience all the fights we had, but I do think players new to the game (which are on Crom) shouldn't be afraid of doing pvp and going into the bori zones is probably the best way for them to learn. Minis it's definitely no go if you don't have experience but bori zones gives you a lot of room for tipping the balance in your favor and it supports many play stiles including, the bodyguard team, the solo ranger or the hunting pack the latter being my favorite.

    So my invite to pve players who needs to grind some prowess xp for their aa is to go to bori, don't hesitate to start a fight or don't be afraid to fight back. Have fun guys but don't forget to be polite and friendly. There is no need for hate into a videogame.

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    You should have stayed a bit longer
    As soon as I saw there are 15 people in bori , I went down there fighting 1vs them.
    After maybe 15 minutes later i teamed up with Burnz and they started to depart to conarch .
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    I'm sure they had great fun having to depart from Bori while being 15:2. Im sure it was sooooo much fun they will never forget and come back every day to pvp. I can see them jumping for joy for being humiliated.

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    welcome to aoc open world pvp great fun sometimes

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    I would rather die than doing bori aswell

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