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Thread: Strange latency bug/problem near traders with one char!

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    Default Strange latency bug/problem near traders with one char!

    This might sound weird^^

    My Conq has huge latency problems near traders.

    Normally i have a latency of 150-180ms. But with my Conq i have a latency of 1k-7kms near traders. Its worst in PinPin there i have lag spikes of 7k+ and if i stay there for a while i get a disconnect from the server,

    Maybe 500m away from any trader the latency is just normal.

    I tried nerly everything - reset the router , relog, restart move items from my bankspace - rebought my sold items and so on - nothing helpes

    This problem seems to appear only on my conq - all other charackter ar just fine.

    Maybe it will help if i ask an GM to delete and restore my char but i wanna ask you before i write a petition if you have any idea what can cause this problem.


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    if someone is interested why the bug appears...

    ... i had deactivate names and details of the npcs and this was the reason of the huge lags nd disconnects near the tradeposts

    I love Funcom^^

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    heh, that makes no sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    heh, that makes no sense.
    i know but its a true story

    But the programm code in AoC is a mysterie anyway so unexpected things can happen^^

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