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    We are a Age of Conan guild dedicated to Northern style roleplay in Hyboria. We have a T1 guild city and schedule weekly events that inlcude many different types of Roleplaying activites that include PVE, PVP, and adventure style roleplay. Our Theme is northern Hyboria so we mainly accept characters who are Cimmerian, Vanir, and Aesir though make exceptions for other races of Hyboria. Our officers and other members are willing to help with RP and character development as everyone will need a good background storyline for characters that will be in the guild. If you have any questions feel free to contact Tyrigar or any of the officers in game or send a message via the site.

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    "To the people of the exotic climes, the north was a mazy half-mythical
    realm, peopled with ferocious blue-eyed giants who occasionally
    descended from their icy fastnesses with torch and sword. Their raids
    had never taken them as far south as Shem, and this daughter of Shem
    made no distinction between AEsir, Vanir or Cimmerian"

    Title: Queen Of The Black Coast
    Author: Robert E. Howard

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    At what hours do you run your RP events?
    Khemi. Picture Hell on the cheap then add more whores

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