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    Looking for the following type builds: mainly reaver, mainly berserker, and a mixed one. Just curious what kind of builds and rotation people run thanks
    Guards are the best.

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    I don't like zerker in PvE, so I'll tell you what I do as reaver.

    I use Boneshatter with Without Warning for most of the fights (sometimes Determination if there are periods where I don't hit, like Toth Amon or Imp). Rotation Boneshatter-CoSX-CoSVI / Boneshatter-Whirlwind-CoSIX / Boneshatter-Wreck Armor 4 to 1 (all ranks).

    I use this build:

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    Im using this:

    People said that im a good tank :P
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    Reaver spec pre t5 rune

    For AA's I use Upheaval and Without warning.

    Use 2nd highest rank of jagged cut to refresh stacks, or pop a combo on the move, otherwise can use highest rank for some more damage.

    Rotation would be Wreck armor>upheaval>Wreck armor>Jagged cut>Wreck armor>upheaval>repeat.

    For buffs, I wait until first time I am stacked to 15 and lined up then blow them all on upheaval finisher. Then I mostly use them on CD with upheaval finishers because they line themselves up after that (mostly)

    Some folks use Whirlwind in there as well. I wouldn't unless you have khitai rank.

    Notes: Back in the fray is a nice heal over time that consumes 4 stacks but refreshes all remaining stacks.
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