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    I was rank 4 with the Tigers, got my mount and switched to Cheng-Ho way before achievements came out .. yet a GM just told me that unless a faction was active when/since achievements came out, I can not get achievement credit for it without re-doing it all. I am finding this kind of ridiculous. Why is it not set up that the chronicler recognizes whether or not you did quests or have items that require faction 4 .. i.e., a mount quest, bought a pet/gear, etc?

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    Funcom didn't want to go to that level of effort to try and figure out what people have done in the past. These kinds of decisions are likely the result of how small their team is and what they prioritize higher in terms of resources needed.

    We all know there are a ton of things they could check for our achievements, but that all take time to implement and we all know AoC gets minimal time invested.

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    yes, probably unnecessary work given costs and resources required for it, better put for something else imo. What I don't understand is why the GM could not just give it to you though some kind of cheat command, maybe they have limits to what they can do.
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    had same with wolfs and LL))) lucky me that i don`t like hyrkanians and their idiotic quests. a few days of farm at FC uc and i got my achi)

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