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Thread: Combat Monitor Ruining AoC ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roddam View Post
    Lets face it; Funcom doesn't do anything about violations of the terms of service and End user license agreement. You see people daily openly admitting to sharing accounts, people accessing chat via iPhones, and other such blatant violations. They will never stop the use of a raid tool like Combat monitor.
    Yeah they either don't care or don't have the means to tackle it. I'm no programmer but the game seems pretty damn easy to hack. The game doesn't even reject .dll injections and lets you get in game with an outdated client if you skip the patcher (might crash but often works just fine especially with the minor updates).
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    "Are we, in-fact, losing the players who take the effort to know the fights? I'm beginning to see a drop off of people who simply Raid and know the tactics."

    This is the reason. The combat monitor is not a problem in itself. The problem is the incredibly lazy players that see it as their ticket to raid with no effort.

    Removing the tool would not cause these players to learn the fight, it would simply cause more raids to fail at the fights since they will just flail away a few times, then quit to do Ai Exploit for pants.

    What we need is more players willing to actually PLAY THE GAME AND LEARN IT. Not follow the robot's instructions like lemmings.

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