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Thread: What to Craft for Bear Shaman

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    Default What to Craft for Bear Shaman

    Just started playing a week or so ago, just got to level 40 and looking to start Crafting.

    Was wondering if there is any significant class/craft synergy for Bear Shaman.

    I generally play solo - although sometime duo with my cousin if we manage to have same time away from work etc. and I like to be reasonably self-sufficient with crafting.

    So is there any craft skill I should definitely take? Any I should avoid? Or is it really a matter of personal preference as all of them offer some utility?

    All The Best

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    I would take Alchemy as the nutritions and pots are beneficial...
    -the other crafting's I would not bother with as most are obsolete.

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    At level 40, craft armor from standard recipes: you can choose cloth, light, and medium armor. Occasionally, buy a recipe from the "Consumables" category at the trader to get more DPS.
    At 70, start preparing for the Shemite set: it is imperative to obtain the whole set at 78-79 to gain the upper hand in DPS and PVP.
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