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Thread: what combos in pvp

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    Default what combos in pvp

    hey what are our main dmging combos and rotations with manifestations? I know crush armors and feral growl infernal bleed but what else and how to use them pls?

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    I Use Feral growl, CA 3 & 4. IB 2. UB 4 and sometimes SB 5, Manefestation of spirit and forest will be your main ones but also winter and sun depending on situation.

    / Size
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    Quote Originally Posted by Size View Post
    I Use Feral growl, CA 3 & 4. IB 2. UB 4 and sometimes SB 5, Manefestation of spirit and forest will be your main ones but also winter and sun depending on situation.

    / Size

    and Shrewd Blow 6 if you have that, but just use one of those top rank SB.

    occasional Hinder Movement / Maul, Ferocious Smack ofc.

    for more on PvP manifestations, read this post:
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    Now I've been playing exclusive bear shaman since 2010 and i'm pvp 7 with very little bori and all mini game work. I have tried multiple builds, AA perks, gear, combos but I feel like i'm doing something wrong. In duels im a unstoppable force(most of the time) which all BS know we are one of the best duel classes but in minis I can't seem to click. I hear other BS going 12-1, 5-0 each mini regardless of team balance and i'm sitting here doing 1,2-10. I pick the soft targets and i get CC locked and focused. I stay with the team and kill the tanks with them and I get focused. I'm wearing all pvp1-2 gear and I feel like im squishier then a pom and tos.

    I always pop forest for the wrack depending on if i need the armor ill bleed if not ill switch to spirit,winter based on situation. IB2, FG, SB5(SB6 takes too long as i said i get CC'd focus) UB and of course cc's when needed and CA if I have too. I run pressing,decisive, SFF and CC break, FG and bond.

    I'm on a female bear too so i know im already gimped in some ways but please someone explain the 101 to minis to at least get some kills or at least some updated pvp specs.

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    First of all, female vs. male differences are marginal if even existent at this point. So I don't think thats an excuse!

    Yes, PoMs have more armor than us, and ToSes have more protection than us, both have same level of constitution also, so gg, we got the short end of the stick during PvP gear balancing. It's sad but something we have to deal with, at the very least we should have been given barbs level of constitution, but no.

    Anyways on to damage, I always say, bs can nearly oneshot a clothie. But people then say, "that's not the case for me"
    in that case they're doing something wrong

    either don't pop empowered renewal before finisher, or forget to hit unshielded

    crit combo unshielded + empowered renewal vs. not doing those two is a big difference in damage, Im guessing difference would be 750-1300-1300 feral to 1000-1700-1700 -> this is fatality range at 40% health for many classes too, with a onestep combo! If you want killsteals, this is how. Keep in mind, the crazy hits only happen when you're lucky, ruinproc, rampage x5 etc. etc. there's a lot you can't control, but what you can control is the empowered renewal and hitting unshielded!

    Make sure you do it. If it still fails, you don't play sharp enough! Do more duels, there's always something to improve

    Pressing is only good if you use mutispec, even then I find precise to be stronger, so reconsider choice of perk.
    When it comes to specs, we have so many good specs, I don't think that's the issue.
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    What is also worth mentioning imo , which counts fo every class , is to land every combo-step.
    SB for example with renewal can do insane damage on clothies when it crits.
    You even have a sogoth dineto , when you land the 3 combo-steps + the combo on a clothie , then you will most likely have a kill
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    Yeah this is why I want fatalityrune from arena. Start spamming Shrewd Blow 6 and do 80% fatality on clothies

    So there's always that route. Don't usually do it cause of habit since comboskip era with all the 1-step spammers, but there's definately potential.

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    Ya that rune with two coils oF jing shi almost makes me wanna run moss haha.

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    What Lurvi wrote, but to add this: on every class, and Bear Shaman is not an exception, the first thing to figure out is where you are, and I mean your position on the map, in relation with the position of your Group and your opponents.
    If you aim for pure frags the second most importante thing is what target your are hitting and in general what is going to happen around you.
    Easy to understand example: if you aim for a full health target at the same time of any decent sin, he will almost for sure get the frag. If instead let the sin aim for the close clothie, and meanwhile you start hitting another target, you have good chances to get the frag from that target.

    Now, aiming for frags on BS should not be your best goal.
    Not because the class is not able to get a good amount of kills (it is) but because you should be supportive, and if you aim purely for frags you have to sacrify in some degree (not completely) your support.

    So try to learn how to get kills because it's definitely importante to learn to play properly, but then try to figure out the right balance for your gameplay.
    Of course in random minis, for fun, you are allowed more to go for frags than in a premade.

    The list of things to say is long.. Another one is: learn the way to get kills that fits more your build.
    BS have at last 3 viable builds in PvP: Muti, Iron Hide and Booming Roar.
    I have almost never used the last one, but both the first 2 builds can work similarly well to get frags.
    They require slightly different gameplay style though.
    First of all Iron Hide is not just a Bubble (read its description) and in general the time you are actively in combat is quite as important as your burst to get frags, especially for a Bear Shaman.
    BS has very very good burst, but not as immediately available as many other classes, like Sin (miasmas, DWW ..), Demo (Bindings, instas, wof, ...), HoX (HFB ..) etc.
    So the time you stay in combat matters a lot.
    Thus learn to use properly Protection Runes, Stone Hide, SF (to remove armor debuff) etc

    I stop here because I don't play much more and I'm not good to go in detail, but I think you got some good points to think about.

    Bear Shaman is a great class, one of the top 2 or 3 best designed in Age of Conan.
    Sadly it could be more fun if, instead of the random minigame madness, we could have (had.. time is over..) a more competitive PvP system designed around the already great combat system.
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    Feels like a sacrilege to come and post after Size, Lurvi and Korrando already gave advice but I can not resist...

    a.) Go to test live forums. Before latest class revamps Devs asked players for dps numbers. The only class that is doing less dps than bs is guardian.


    This stats are from before class revamps but I consider them still valid (as valid as such numbers can be) for bs. Bs is rank 12 on kills and rank 12 on kd with great gap to rank 11 (which received a major boost). On average the bs is the worst class you can play if you are looking for a class to get a good kd. However as people like Size, Lurvi and Korrando show, it is possible to do well on bs. Bs is just a lot more challenging to play and challenge is fun.

    BS is an excellent class for duells, though. Here the heals and tools like runes etc are sufficient to keep BS alive and to take full advantage of his debuffing abilities. Time is on the side of the BS. Only way to kill a BS is massive burst dmg. That's why I believe that protection rings and protection gems in sogoth in most cases are the best choice. Often I also fit chromatic warden + precise strikes instead of decisive + precise.

    this are 3 rules that work for me:
    1. avoid fighting outnumbered (if you can not handle the situation).
    To make it clear: you are outnumbered if you have a friendly tank by your side and both of you are fighting in a 2 vs 2 because both opponents will target you 2 vs 1 and ignore the tank by your side. This doesn't mean you should never support a tank but it means you can support, retreat before you die, heal up and go back into fight instead of staying and dieing.

    2. fight beside your team and support them but don't expect to get kill credits if you and some other(s) are fighting the same target. There are 10 classes that do more dps than bs and most classes also have better burst abilities than bs. Nevertheless you can increase your small chance by following Lurvi's advice.

    3. the only reliable chance to get kill credits are 1 vs 1 situations (unless you are Size, Lurvi or Korrando). Take them if you can but don't forget to support your team which is more important.

    @Dineto I saw you yesterday in JS. You are way way way too agressive. I think you are a good player when it comes to duells, but in group combat you completely ignore what is around you. You regularly bring yourself into situations you can not handle. Either switch to guardian/conq (you could become one of the best on server) if you can not change your agression or completely change your playstyle on bs. To make it more visible: It is better to stand behind your team members to give them a heal than to be first in line, turn around, give your back to your enemies and then heal your team mates.

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