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    So i was looking at the T6 bear shaman and I was curious if anyone from funcom still reads these threads. The T6 armor is terrible. Slight upgrade from T4 and a lil protection, I don't know what the other BS who have done it think but the Barb gear is superior to the T6 as a upgrade. I understand the need for heal rating but we can easily get enough without having a bunch of it on it by switching to a heal rating weapon. Can someone look at the T6 stats and adjust them to make it a upgrade over T4. I mean 20 str is nice but what about crit damage/crit rating? Protection is not even that high and we have bubbles to counter the protection lack on our armor.

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    have you ever played a shamy in t6 ?
    cuz ... well ... i don't mind my up to almost 7k heal rating in some occasions ...
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    wisp iewa if you need help he is the best shaman of aoc
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