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Thread: PVP players leaving for Crom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sbyvoj View Post
    I have a qvestion. For best PvP: Crom or Fury? Thy for answer. Sby
    mechanno says no

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Shink- View Post
    This reminds me of those 2-3 flamewars and 1 civilized thread like 2-3 years ago were daily pvp quests and festival rotations of areas should be allowed only to Fury etc because it IS the pvp server and if you want that content you should transfer there to play pvp times change and all the pvpers transfer to the trash pve server ..not that anyone called that would happen back then,absolutely not !Should link this to Tomhet but i bet he is banned
    not banned just surviving brexit uk needs vouga to gank those anti polish nabs crawling out of their ukip closets trolololo
    im very happy fury guys had to pay transfer to crom
    love it
    too bad duel area makes you watch other peoples pokemon fights why why why should it be exciting to watch anyone fight a pet???
    bad skunk makes you have bad ideas mixing pokemon fights with proper pvp fights why???
    now get me a nigel farell pokemon pet to spank plz plz add in a boris and trump one too hidden somewhere in khemi fighting stygian immigrants

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