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Thread: I am such a noob!

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    Default I am such a noob!

    So, after hours of trying, I finally get to the top, only to MISS the damn circle on the way down

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    this achieve is a pure torture

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    That Leap of Faith is the best . I made the mistake of jumping the first time I did it and going too far - have to do it this way and just sprint off the edge -
    EvitoQQ @ YouTube
    THE IVORY TOWER - QQ - Schlenkerla/Hersch

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    F5 to quicksave and F9 to quickload game

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    after several attempts to break through the invisible walls, I spat and forgot about this place

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    Get one conq on top, others die within rez range, conq rez, bingo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jota180 View Post
    Get one conq on top, others die within rez range, conq rez, bingo.
    I figure this post was made in the wrong thread, but even so - what is the English translation?

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    It is the right thread, its is aoclanguage

    Get one conq (a conqueror with movement and jumping skills) on top, others (*noobs with no movement and jumping skills) die within rez range (they have to find a way to die where the conqueror can see them, usually he can resurrect everyone he can target - tricky part is the dieing part for some classes and toons^^), conq rez (the conqueror resurrects them and they will awake right beneath him at the top and can try the leap), bingo.

    *no offense, me included

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