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Thread: Black Lotus Rogues ALL welcome!

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    Lightbulb Black Lotus Rogues ALL welcome!

    Black Lotus Rogues: A reformed Hybrid Guild who's focus is running all previous PvE instances and newer group content, PvP Event Week, Premade minigames and Arena Duels. Our Officers have a vast amount of experience in PvP and PvE Raiding. We are amassing strength, resources, wealth and knowledge, so all our membership may profit under our banner, while we forge our path to victory and success. We are clearing T3.5, T4,T3 lower raids also for those new to the game weekly and have daily 6 mans everyday and multiple pvp groups. We are EST based but we also cater to euro time zones.

    If you have any questions and are interested please send me a tell to Caelob, Dineto, Zabergan, Teletz, Crayador if you have any questions.

    Hope to see you in game and feel free to join our raids and 6mans to see if we are the right fit for you.
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    Raiding has started well, still seeking new players to become part of our raid force, all classes welcome, T1 and T2 on farm, looking to move forward into T3 in the very near future ...

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    Currently seeking raiders for T3.5 and up to replace the loss due to summer. We also are looking for returning players and pvp'rs to bring sieges back to the server. If you are intrested please contact me in game or apply to our website or just give a shout in global for a BLR officer.

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    Great opportunity for people to make their selves part of a North American raid force weekly t1 to t3 raids dailey 6 mans and soon to be heading back into t4 , if you are a player looking for a fun guild and want to feel part of a growing team hit us up in global or message me here on forums , very open to new players and returning players.

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    Are you guys accepting up and coming new players? It's day 2 for me but have made it to 35.5 I'm shooting for 80 by the weekend (no idea if that's possible lol). I'm EST based but with decent playtime. Was looking to dip my toes into raiding as well. I'm a ToS btw.


    PS also very interested in PVP as well but need to get the hang of pve first I think.

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    Default LF active guild

    Returning player here that hasn't played in ages. Looking to get with an active guild to take part in everything from running the PVE dungeons and such to PVP. Could use some help with re-honing skills and such.

    Currently CST but that should be close enough to EST.

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