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Thread: An utter newbie question: Any hints to play PvP as a demonologist?

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    1 go Arena with some freinds that can show you some 1vs1 agains different classes
    2 get gear with Critrating / Hitrating, if these stats to low you will struggle with DPS
    3 Learn how to move and cast your spells, when to debuff ect
    4 get a decent spec
    5 Learn how to use your cc's wisely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suctum View Post
    If they would fix the bugged white hits of the whispering touch and sogoth you wouldn't have the near one shots that happen. Except maybe sins because that's what they do to casters, and rangers, because they are stupid.
    You critically crush Tymmi for 3255.

    but i like this , allot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimmz View Post
    You critically crush Tymmi for 3255.

    but i like this , allot!
    I'm jelly I don't have one :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalston View Post
    I'm not an amazing demo but you could have a look at my vids perhaps to give you some ideas :
    I think from your videos these shows how exactly demonologist feels (despite the fact that you are using a full set of pots):
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernests View Post
    On Crom even pug minis you can often meet with a high level of opponents. If this happens, then WoF better used only in exceptional cases to kill the already injured opponents.
    The role of WoF is exaggerated in PvP. Many players have the wrong view about demonologist because it was formed long ago. They do not take account of the changes that affected by this class:
    1. Demo has been nerfed with CC's system restructuring and the gradual reduction of CC's role (currently there are too many possibilities as to avoid control);
    2. Demo has been nerfed with sprint system restructuring (even with kite, your's energy ends much faster than opponent's HP and then starts hand-to-hand combat. Opponents no more consume stamina as in earlier times, when they was unable to make a serious combo the melee);
    3. Demo has been nerfed with revamp of PvP gear. Currently every opponent can increase your protection almost like a tank (AA + PvP armor, accessories, T3 crafted or other Weapons to protection);
    4. Demo has been nerfed with the gradual improvement of other classes, which has taken place in recent years. The last time a vivid examples are HoX and Barbarian.
    5. Demo has been nerfed with the rising of physical weapons dps. On the contrary the magical weapons updates in recent years gives a small improvement of damage. Because there is different algorithm to calculate it.

    This is all true. BUT it doesn't change the fact, that demo is easy-mode topkiller when in the right hands.
    My demo is old and rusty but whenever I get him out of his coffin I manage to do topkills just by doing the right things. Even when focussed by half a group you can do good kills but maybe die a few more times.

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    Necro is by far more powerful than a demo. In the right hands of course.
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    Funny to read through all these comments about how much the demo has been nerfed and how other classes compare to the Demo when the op asked for none of that. The hard reality of Demo is that until you get some decent rank pvp2 or higher gear it will be a rough road for you any way you try to play it. The best advice I can come up with is:

    -Keep hands of the world on cool down as much as you can, dont use it just to snare, use it all the time.
    -learn to double tap knock backs, find some pve mobs that do kbs and practice on them if you dont have players to help you practice.
    -watch your enemies cc immunity cool downs! cant tell you how often i see demos try to use detonate on me when i have immunity and they waste it.
    -Don't be predictable, most classes assume demos will run at you and use detonate right away let them try to double tap or use their excellent balance, then catch them with detonate after.
    -Never start a fight with waves of flame, ever! its best to finish people off when they are below 30% so.

    These are the basics, untill you have gear/constitution/magic damage, you will die a lot, expect it.

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    Demo is suppose to be the last class in get revamped but never happened, all the others class got buffed and revamped except demo but that's how Funcom do things, my 2 cents make you a favor don't spend your time, money and frustration in a class that is in disadvantage with the others, classes like sins barbs Pom conquers dt and Rangers will destroy you in 2 seconds if they focus you, create better any of the soldier class that deal almost same or sometimes even more damage than demos or any of the other "dps class" using the best armor in game and having the best survability and protection they will kill you in 3 combos before you even scratch their armor, but this is Funcom the best on of the non sense.

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    The class is not weak by any means. The only disadvantage is that unless you get lucky crits you can't burst people like a ranger, sin, barb,or conq, and 2 Sshot. You can still kill really fast but unlike the other classes that do it and run away you have to stay in dealing damage which isn't always easy. Also, you have to move from spot to spot and while you have tons of ccs people also have tons of cc breaks.

    But with magic mitigations being so high now, demo actually not all that OP, the bad ones might get some kills but that's because the team is no doubt beating on tanks. In skilled hands, demo is beast, but how many actually can play it that way.

    I just goon out on my pom now. I can get nearly as many kills with half the effort.
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    I created my demo 2 weeks ago. My first caster ever. I used some offline levels to get him from 50 to 80. Used my 80 free aa points from leveling, bought some blue gear on trader and entered my first minis with 5999 hp and something like 8% resistence to unholy etc.

    Of course i die from a necro dot or a ranger dot. Yes, conq charge kb and you are dead. Sin, barb.... basicly everything can destroy you in 3 seconds if you cant manage to cc him first. Meanwhile i bought some BB blue gear, bought pvp rings, cloak and necklace (i should have done this right at the start, i was stupid). Currently I have 830 elec./fire dmg. So I am pretty much in the very same situation as OP. Tomorrow i assume i will reach pvp 2. So far I've made 30 kills and died 50 times.

    Comparing my current gear with the pvp gear I will get at pvp 2 and pvp 3, I assume it's possible to get a positive kd before reaching pvp 4. After that demo is ridiculous overpowered. Only other class that came close to demo in power at early start was my guardian. Needles to say that guardian in blue gear with protection gems doesnt die as often as demo and at the same time doesnt get such easy kill credits.

    This is what a pvp 1 demo (not me) can do when not getting forcussed too hard:

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