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Thread: Bag of the Mammoth Rider

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    Default Bag of the Mammoth Rider

    The Starter Pack from Steam comes with two bags, a large one and a bit smaller one called the Bag of the Mammoth Rider. Does this bag have a special function?

    Is there some way to use this like saddle bags for extra space while on your mammoth?

    Is it another great idea that Funcom didn't implement? [my guess}

    Or is it some sort of reverse intelligence test for the mathematically challenged? Should I use the 16 spot bag or the 20?
    I have to take off my shoes todecide which is bigger.

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    no you can only have one bag. Not sure about the starter pack you mention, just use the biggest one.

    Regarding the Mammoth bag, I think is from the launch offer which came with bag and War Mammoth mount. The other one (bigger) you have probably is part of the steam pack instead
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