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    Default L80 Gear

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone can give me advice on what blue gear to get on a fresh level 80.

    I don't want to be going into raids with my level 60 stuff on xD

    So any suggestions on decently priced blue gear would be appreciated.


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    Depends what money you got, if you are a new player without veteran points, and if you got khitai or not.

    If no money nor khitai / vet points, get the blue cloth lvl 80 that you can gem up with magic damage.

    If money and not khitai / vet points get the culture set for Herald of Xotli a.k.a. the most expensive blue gear on trader.

    If you got Khitai, put your gear to hidden and join a few grindmill loops. pick some cloth pieces that drop and then start focus on raid pugs. From flame, vortex and palace you can get items for every slot.

    It's not uber but it's free

    And you can pick up cloak (nativity, forgotten city, t3, t4) and necklace (breach, trader (mystics delight), t3, t4) elsewhere.

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    First week of each month spawns a world boss: it will randomly drop t1 and t2 armor and weapons, so its a fairly easy way to get t2 raid gear so you don't feel so 'newbish'.

    Once you get t2 gear then you can work on the bigger raids from t2 to t3...maybe t4 if a pug will take you in

    Also you can get social gear that sells for 30 silver each and drops six to eight pieces so you can make up some gold that way

    the quest giver is on the stairs to library in OT (astromancer?) and you get a legendary cloak after 12 months of killing world bosses

    good luck

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I've got Khitai so I'm gonna try and get into a HM group xD

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    Default rares

    One option if you are doing Khitai factions grinds is to hit the rare boss spawns. They always drop a blue piece but of course it's random so no guarantee - has a list of the possible drops. The locations of the rares can be found on

    What I normally do is as I'm running about a zone I have the spawn locations marked on my map and i just check to see if the spawn is up. If I plan on being in the area for a while doing quests, I kill the place-holder and return later to check on spawn. These items can fill in until you get your WB T1 T2 or faction up-grades.

    In NG both Gorger and Wenji are fairly easy kills and easy to spot spawn(s).

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