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Thread: R.I.P. dungeons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shax84 View Post
    Please, refrain from using capslock on some of your words. Makes it very tiresome to read, at least for me.

    Sadly there is no right for any guild to be doing all content in any game. Encounters are defeated by players that deal enough damage and manage to stay alive. You can't blame the good players that stuck with a casual guild for a long period of time, when they want to move on to see the other encounters in the game. They invest RL time & money into a game and they want to see all sides of it. It's like a football team, you can't have lack of goals or a leaky defense if you are aiming for the title.

    You can't recruit anyone but guildhoppers in this game, unless you can snatch up someone from a guild disband. Best things are often to merge guilds, but that can be challenging if the guild consists of mostly casual players, they often won't make the standards a raid guild demands in attendance and performance. Got to accept that playing progression raids and the hardest content demands a lot of time and research, raidlogging for the odd wednesday and try for three hours with 30 minutes late start and lots of afk/break between tries won't make much progress.
    Oh I don't blame anyone at all, I am just trying to point out that the need for the raid nerfs is indeed valid and if folks don't do dungeons because raiding is easier and gives better gear then that is the way of things. Those left playing the game will need those new players coming in, even if they have to teach them to play. You do realize that there is only one guild left in the US time zone that does end game content and they are really going to keep needing a influx of new blood as folks leave. It gets to be very difficult and maybe the Euro side of things has not seen the pain yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderclese View Post
    The older large more hardcore guilds are in the positions they are in because of the way players housed within said guilds treated newer/lesser skilled players.

    There are still several guilds with healthy populations, even if a part of those populations are learners.

    While progression guilds scorned these players, other guilds welcomed new blood and trained them. Some stayed, some didn't. It is natural in any game, but to say across the board the community is shrinking at anything other than an average rate is silly.

    [...] .
    While the skill threshold and other requirements for joining these guilds limit the entry for some players, that should not be confused with these guilds being elitist or reluctant to accept newer players. The tresholds some of these guilds put out are not even that high given the target audience of end-game players they are there for; the tresholds simply exist to keep unprepared players from banging their head against the ceiling too often.

    A more likely reason for the struggle to fill raids among these guilds seems to me the snail's pace at which new end-game content has been released. Many of their players have left the game because they had to wait more than two years for new content after they cleared the whole of T4 for several months already.

    Joining a more hardcore raiding guild, when you're not aiming too highly, seems to me the best training ground there is to improve in the PvE-side of this game. After all, you will be fighting the most difficult bosses, learning to understand new and complex tactics, and have the chance to play with many good players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan615 View Post
    Lol, busted!
    I'm not busted, I cancelled my application. :P

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