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Thread: Khitai Tiger's faction quest question.

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    Default Khitai Tiger's faction quest question.

    Hey all,

    Quick question about a quest. Im working on Tiger Faction and have run into a quest that requires me to "find evidence of Vasuman's fate." Another NPC mentioned that he was being carted off towards the opposing factions city. I tried looking information up on this quest but finding info on AoC has been difficult. I found a site in French that indicated that the fate of the transport ended with wolves attacking the caravan. I've found several locations of wolves in the region with dead bodies but cant seem to locate Vasumans armor. My question: Is there a specific location that the evidence is located, does his armor drop as loot from killing the wolves, or is there another solution? Any help is appreciated.


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    As far as I remember it is the body that lies next to the city. If you go out the "main" entrance (the one where the road comes from the battlefield and leads into the red forest to the northern grasslands) and turn right you can go between the two pillars where the open field begins. There is just one tree on a hill and if you go down that hill there is a corpse where 2 wolves are eating.
    If you go near that corpse 2 more wolves will spawn up the hill and come down to attack you. This corpse should be the one you are looking for.

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    Default found my problem

    Thank you for the reply. I figured out why I was having so much difficulty with questing. For some reason my quest markers on my map were disabled. Had to reset my settings to default to get the objectives to show back up.


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    Common problem to have them disabled, after doing world boss hunts and accidentally clicking the wrong option on that menu.

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    Common problem, right click the little triangle on or by the mini map. You should have 2 options, "Show Quest Indicators" and "Select Instance".

    If you were doing the World Boss and instance swapping it is easy to turn of the quest indicators and not realize it.

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