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Thread: Greetings from the Game Director & a 2015 retrospective

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    Welcome, I hope you have a great time on the team!
    May you have a great day!

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    So.... It has been a few months since the new membership system was announced, but we still don't know really anything at all about how it may work or how many more months it will take to finish. Has there been any progress on this?

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    I have not heard anything on this either but am interested in what changes may be coming.
    Hrulfr - Bear Shaman of Crom

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    Waiting for news too, i have a 12 months sub in plan to purchase but i want to see if we get some more benefits.

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    Default We would like news.... Mr Tilty

    "My name is Romain Amiel, but you may know already know me as Tilty. I'm the "new" Game Director for Age of Conan, stepping in for Matt."

    ... you are the new GD of AOC ....but please, can you take 5 minutes of your time in order to write a few sentences about the news in hyboria .

    - pve arena on testlive... and what about pvp arena ?
    - craft system ?
    - new pvp map ?
    - new pvp prog R10 to R15 ?
    - and what you want ....

    Fury die because nothing new for pvp... and now ...


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