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Thread: Strange "lag"

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    Default Strange "lag"


    For 2 weeks now i have been having the weirdest lags.

    Basically it starts like a regular red ping, jumping up to 6000ms, but for some reason the chat goes on without issue, my internet connection is still stable, i can ping google and get an average 30 ms response.

    What is kind of remarkable is that the game stay stuck in that red lag for several minutes, the maximum i've experienced being 9 minutes.

    9 minutes, and meanwhile the chat keeps communicating with the chat server, i can alt-tab and check anything, even launching other online games, such as starcraft 2, without any problem.

    Another odd thing is that if i log out (need to be out of combat) and log back in immediately, the lag just disappears.

    Also, if i moved while i was lagging, when i log back, the server kept my last position, even if i crossed an entire map while i was in red lag.

    When the game resumes, i also see everything that has happened during the lag happen accelerated, it does make my computer crash sometimes, not often though.

    I'm posting this here hoping anyone could have encountered the same kind of issues and have some solution.

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    This kind of lag is around a very long time (At least 2011). The client shows the same behaviour right before a global server crash. What might have changed is that some clients do not get the disconnect anymore.

    I had this:
    - randomly, then it was shared with other players
    - when using search on the trader or buying many things from one seller
    - when opening inventory, f10, or when a fight started (or i was about to win)

    In most time i get a disconnect after some minutes (but not always! sometimes i waited a whole lunch). If i do a "hardware reset" manually by pulling the network plug, aoc sometimes goes back to the login part. So it sounds to me like a badly programmed loop or recursion triggered by a disconnect. Sometimes i can not log in the same char, but i can log on other chars on the same server with a different account without problem and even that char after a while.

    Did you use the ingame store (i found the awesome awesomium.exe can act weirdly and this seems to happen more often on f2p where the shop is automatically started)? Did you do something inventory or trader related?
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    I can't find any relevant trigger for that kind of lag, i happens to me when i'm fighting, or about to start a fight, but very often it just happens when i do nothing apart from chatting, my character just standing still.

    It never happened when opening the inventory or using the trader, so far at least.

    I just don't understand how this can happen right now, after 4 years playing the game, and that it can happen so often, it's basically impossible to raid or join a group instance, it's 10 minutes red lag guaranteed followed by those weird accelerated moments.

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    I'd say it's not connection lag, but something in AoC causes your whole PC to choke and de-sync with game server.

    How much RAM do you have? A lot of people experiencing similar problems have 4GB or less.

    I used to have several-minute stalls followed by fast-forward. When I alt-tabbed regularly, this happened less often - I guess dumping video RAM helped with game's video memory management.
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    The engine 2.0 does a lot of things in the background (from network to harddrive and even memory). I have lags when i do something for the first time as well...then if i stand still and start playing again, it is like the game needs to reload or reactivate many animations or code (maybe it tries to phone home and validates the animations or uses the whole network to broadcast "I AM BACK!!!!"?) or the database again (note: This was different in 2010!).

    I can also confirm that a certain time of lag leads to speed symptons (unfortunately most of the time in favour of the mobs you are fighting), but in minis and rare cases it seems the client is sped up to get back into sync This usually lasts only a few seconds though.

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    I'm not joking nor trolling, i always had some annoying lag, like everyone else, but nothing that just stopped me completely from raiding.

    At the moment it's just that, i can't raid at all. For a raider, it's kind of a big issue.

    But i'll try a tracert asap, maybe it will show something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blutti View Post
    This whole lag thread is a troll right? Or have you been with the game for that 2 weeks? We have had these lags from the launch of the game. More lately though but there's nothing new to them. Well i'm sure this thread is just a joke.
    There are more sever lags lately (it's periodic thing), but it seems OP has hardware stalls on his side... which also is not a new thing, but maybe he managed to avoid them somehow until this day.

    AoC is very resource-heavy, very picky when it comes to setups and behaves funky - this means crappier rigs can outperform overclocked monsters and your PC can take a dump without clear reasons.

    I avoided stalls by alt-tabbing, but I didn't have that problem with new PC. I've got a new problem (stall at start of a boss fight), but SweetFX prevents it most of the time (there's still massive fps drop, but it doesn't turn into spf).

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    I figured that those massive lags do not hit until the evening, when more people are online maybe.

    I just traced the route to the server, many time sin a row while being stuck in red lag, but it seems everything is fine communication wise :

    Détermination de l'itinéraire vers []
    avec un maximum de 30 sauts :

    1 * 2 ms 2 ms
    2 27 ms 27 ms 26 ms
    3 29 ms * 27 ms
    4 27 ms 28 ms 28 ms [212.
    5 28 ms 28 ms 28 ms [212.27.
    6 28 ms 28 ms 28 ms [195.219.2
    7 29 ms 27 ms 33 ms
    8 112 ms 76 ms 78 ms []
    9 75 ms 76 ms 78 ms []
    10 76 ms 79 ms 86 ms [
    11 * * * Délai d'attente de la demande dépassé.
    12 78 ms 76 ms 78 ms []

    13 86 ms 75 ms 75 ms [
    14 187 ms 76 ms 76 ms []

    15 76 ms 76 ms 76 ms
    16 180 ms 79 ms 76 ms []
    17 78 ms 76 ms 77 ms []

    Itinéraire déterminé.

    So basically, my client does reach the server and i don't see any big leak that could kill my latency.

    About my hardware, i have way enough ram to run AoC, and this issue started occuring 2 weeks ago, but i did not change anything at that same, being in hardware nor sofwtare, my line is the same as well.

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    Again, this fits my experience too. The whole random lag/"red bar" thing seems more common during higher server load in general. But it seems instance and "people near" independant, since i get booted out just by hacking mobs in khitai during raid days more often than not.
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    Maybe FC is using your PC as a server?

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