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Thread: Audio Trouble

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    Sorry, just deleted my message as I just re-checked and it also happens with my speakers. It's just harder to hear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redpooo View Post
    Sorry, just deleted my message as I just re-checked and it also happens with my speakers. It's just harder to hear.
    Well, my response still is pretty much the same thing. Kind of wish there was a definite solution for this, because it's really annoying to me.

    EDIT: I was just thinking, maybe there is a way to fix the issue. People that use the gtx series cards but don't have any problems, how exactly do you have it set up where the sound isn't doing any buzzing? Maybe if we can replicate the settings, we can get no buzzing too.

    EDIT 2: I just did an experiment and realized that it's not the sound at all. The game itself just buzzes. I disable audio and music, and the buzzing still is there. The only time the buzzing stops is if I actually have the game in window mode, and I hold the left mouse button on the window border.

    EDIT 3: Another experiment, trying to play it on Direct X 10. As long as I turn the game on after having it on Direct X 10, and don't move away from the game the buzzing seems to stop. But if I go to another program, or window, the buzzing returns again.

    EDIT 4: One more experiment, seeing if it was the video settings, after the buzzing is in the game. On high, the buzzing is tolerable (although still annoying), but if I change the settings to Normal or Low, the sound gets much louder and higher pitched, and my computer sounds like it's also a lot louder than normal.
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    I figured I'd do a new post in the thread after the edits I was doing in the last post, to give people an update. It wasn't the game that was buzzing, but my monitor. The audio port was apparently going bad in it, so I sent it to get repaired. I bought a new one to use from Amazon, which arrived today, and the game works fine now.

    EDIT: False alarm, it IS the game audio. The game had no buzzing at first, but after a bit, it came back, but the sound is lower than it normally is. So it has to be something going on their end.
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    A new update to the problem, I found the culprit. My monitor used a DVI-D video cable for it, from the graphics card (it only has a DVI connection on the card, but the monitor has DVI and HDMI), and because of that, the sound used for the monitor was from Realtek instead of the NVidia sound. So I got a DVI to HDMI cable and replaced it. The sound is now perfect. No more buzzing at all, and it's using the NVidia sound.

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