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Thread: Need advice on Bear Shaman pvp

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    After a number of minigames i have changed my build a bit with imo better results

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    Things that i have noticed. I have better burst and overall better dps with sun over spirit (hell i did a fatality on a sin with him on 60%HP). Although i dont really see any grown bs using it I still think specced manifestation of winter is probably the best group utility ever, when you pair it with sun its just too annoying for the enemy. I have lots of people forced to waste their anticcs and lots of mana users stragling for entire minis. Big plus of winter is that the snare improves your survivability by giving you the chance to run to safety. Bs stun may miss the area of effect but still its the cc imunity ( you get that is more important. If only there was a way to get rid of the FG superslow seems to me that 60% of the hits and CCs i get are during that
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    sun is the best for damage surely, but I think you give up pulse potential if you only run around doing winter+sun... which is why it's better to have 3-4 manis available and swap to sun when you see you can go for it. ditching spirit is a possibility, cause you gain endurance of the bear when you don't feat into ursine spirit, but it's really egocentric.

    Feral Growl is an amazing combo to be a one step. Animation time is why it is awesome cause it synergize so well with empowered renewal + rampage. It's a price you have to pay for sick damage.

    If you don't like it(feral), you have the playstyle of Gesaffelstei (Uglybuds is his conq) going mainly for CA1 and CA2, which also is rewarding with it's possibility for movement.
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    The boaming roar build from Lurvi is identical to my build with 2 exceptions. I have 1 point in weight of the world instead of mani of sun and 3 more points in BON instead of US.
    I agree with Lurvi that before spending points into endurance I would fill BON to the 'feel good' level.

    Some quick math on weight of the world. With a base dmg of 1300 dps 5% crit dmg would give 1300dps * 0.05crit dmg * 0.2 crit chance = 13dps which means with a weapon of 150dps it would be similar to 13/150 = 0.086 aka 8.6% average weapon dmg boost for one point.

    I am not a great fan of mani of the sun. When I had it in my build I usually only used it against enemies where I would win anyway. It just makes my victory a bit faster which can be valueable in some situations I admit but in most situations spirit or forest is just better overall. The timeframe of sun's vision weapon dmg buff is too short and comes too late for my liking. Situational mani of sun can be good. Not worth a point for me because I rather have that 1 point somewhere else when facing better opponents.

    As I have said I almost always use spirit and forest exclusively with focus on spirit. Ideally 25 sec spirit and 15 sec forest repeating but that's difficult to maintain in combat.

    Mani of winter can be nice because of the snare effect. Trouble hitting that barb on speed? Hit him with winter but here is the problem, I might miss that IB on that speedy barb and then winter is almost useless. Even if I hit, most of the time forest and spirit are just better. Mana draining can of course be very nice, too. I consider winter to be better than sun but it is more expensive in points.

    If I had endless points to spend of course I would feat winter and sun and situational use them. They are not bad feats but I don't have endless points and in the vast majority of time forest and spirit are just better.
    Best of all manis is spirit which removes 10% dmg from every enemy within pulse range. One of the best feats from all 12 classes in the game. That's how valuable I consider spirit to be.

    edit:...and 5% less dmg from enemy from ursine spirit is way more powerful than endurance of the bear.
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    he isn't loosing 5%, he's loosing 10% since he isn't using spirit at all.

    yeah, sun is a gamble, it can be amazing and give you 60% fatalities on clothies. Or you will be CC'ed, target will run away, or you miss your combo. the extra mini dot is there atleast, but that's almost like the Spirit dot, and then you're missing -10% on enemies...

    take your pick.

    at first glance, sun appears strong, and I don't hold much against a bear using it, since it's fun and all. but doing a winter+sun only rotation...

    if you want damage, just put down forest and get it in a reliable way.
    if you want sick damage do forest + sun.

    stop rotating only 2 manis if your spec can afford sun or winter. I do respect Wheyas devotion to spirit uptime though, this spell was always overlooked in both PvP and PvE perspective, first I was abusing it some years(seemingly alone, in bs vs. bs duel you can tell the difference) , then some guys said it was bugged and I triggered, and I have been speaking for it since.
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    My rotation includes 3 manifastations (forest, sun, winter atm). Dont get me wrong i m really trying hard to improve my gameplay in PvP and reveal the secrets of Bs. This ofc includes testing and I never say no to listening to the justified opinions of seasoned players.

    Imo Forest-> mandatory for obvious reasons
    Winter-> in some situations is really sweet and think that collaborates with sun (drains+ minus regen)
    Sun-> good for burst, dot and debuff need some more love though
    Spirit-> strong overall but needs at least 3 points (6 if you want to go all the way)

    Its the combination and weird feat tree that we get that creates problems and variables. In pve I see only one possible specc. Has anyone tested going for max weapon dmg and ignoring the manifastions? My next test will be this

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    Ps. you can switch wotw for vengeance of the gods.

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    yes, exemplar surprised me... but you are missing two feats that will change your spec from trollish to really effective!

    instant bigheal and damage to bigheal.

    loss of ursine spirit is negated by instant big (which is amazing, and will give you more heal compliments)

    then extra hit from poison rot, which can crit for 1,3K on clothies on top of the constant 17,5% from exemplar make it... big killspec, which better pickoffpotential thanks to the rot. even used in duels to make people go WTF.

    I have been holding back this spec since poison rot made it into the game, lol. BS has good endfeats, but none of them are needed. But I only advice this spec to someone seasoned that can make use of the damage.

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    This is the general spec ive been using sometimes and the insta big heal and increased blue heal cone makes healing much more satisfying. The loss in dps isnt really that big either.
    And for teamplay I would take extra utility/survivabilty over small increase in dps any day.
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    yes, I forgot to mention too all-encompassing spirit is really something you want aswell.

    good spec tyyr

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    Poison rot critting for 1,3k while similar pom feat crits up to 3k easy if not more. Bs in the minds of developers should always be the underdog in dps, I never understood this!! Anyway its a good idea..

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    just glad it made general spec a tad bit stronger. but non-crit on a tank, this static number not even affected by our dps hits for what 400 damage? lame stuff indeed

    it's useable for one point, but the remaining points effect could be x10 what it is, and I said so on testlive as soon as they put it there, but you know how it goes, wasted opportunity, yada yada.

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