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You can try to find his builds here, his forum nickname is Bendowill. Hi play with standart Booming Roar and Muti builds if I remember right.

But I think there are enough players who I play on BS better. Like Lurvi, Dreadsix, Midian on his Birzum, Ugly.
Liangxiao was a great BS, one of the best if not the very best on Fury imo.
And yeah, he played regular Muti build at the time I was for a bit of time on Fury.

At some point most of good BSs switched to Booming Roar.. I never got completely why.
Perhaps it's just me.. I stopped playing BS earlier and never really tried seriously Booming Roar.
Yeah after BS tree "revamp" it got better.. but not really that OP imho - better on 1 vs 1 though.

In any case, add Size and Fsen to the list of very best BSs.
Size, Fsen, Lurvi and Liangxiao.. all at the very top and on similar level.

Dreadsix I know mostly on Necro, and he is at the top on that.
On BS I can't say.. I don't really play anymore and seen him few times around.
He is good at least, but never impressed me like those above. Perhaps I didn't see his best games, or just I don't really pay attention anymore.