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Thread: New subscription offer: is one coming soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyloins View Post
    Unless it's a black-furred tiger, I'm gonna be underwhelmed as always
    Something GOOD; long lasting and ACCOUNT WIDE!, not a ring for one character only or some rubbish like that.

    And not having to pay for new content since its a pay to play game would be nice too

    considering all the time we vets sat around and waited while you upgraded the engine for your next game, i think we really deserve a lot of acutal content for free. (it was 2 years pay to play while waiting for moves database fixes and engine enhancements that we have seen VERY little return from. )

    so yeah go ahead, it would be lovely to see a sub that i as a vet can say, AWESOME.
    and that i can tell my friends. THIS IS GREAT join now.

    put some thought into it this year please.

    For new players, how about a sub offer that includes a bunch of months, core game and all addons, for a low low price.
    Vets get 50% off in ingamestore? :P

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    Less creative, but worked so far: Biggest current bag, 3 extra months of gametime, some buff items, done. Maybe throw in some of the vanity stuff of the last year, e. g. make the T1 sets available in the ingame shop and give a free set with the 6/12 month package.
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    The fun part of this is that we can't please everyone all the time. Sure, there are some things our Marketing Department could put together that would help entice people to play- and I know they are looking at that.

    I will say that I have taken the suggestions here and forwarded them to marketing.

    As to "new" content, that is a whole other discussion- that should probably happen in other threads.
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    One thing that people would really like and isn't available in game:

    1. Increased resource spaces

    I'd still like to see a Quillin mount myself though

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    my sub has ended and i wont resub until ive seen the christmas sub offers. so hurry up! ; D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny View Post
    my sub has ended and i wont resub until ive seen the christmas sub offers. so hurry up! ; D
    Just go F2P and call it done.
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    Ok FunnyCom time for sub offers pls!!

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    Tomium jumps in, posts real quick, and then disappears for a week. Not exactly giving out that feeling of open-communication that I'd hoped for with HIS THREAD on the 25th. Seems quite a bit more active in the Secret World forums; even starting polls, etc ...

    I suspect that the subscription offers will be underwhelming ~ and hardly a change from the past. The effort that is presented on the part of the team; slow and disinterested ~ I feel like we're bothering them.

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    Last week I received emails from every gaming company except Funcom. Each one had a special sub deal or item store discounts. But nope, once again Funcom drops the ball.
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    No , it takes so lang because it will be the offer of the century , even on Korean Minecraft servers they will be talking about it
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    Yes the new store still blows

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