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Thread: StoneRune *Update*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaedelyia View Post
    Stupid question : After updating, loot window became ridiculously small. Inventory is fine, but opening a bag on a dead mob pop up a super tiny loot windows with like 10 slots (mostly empty) and the pictures of looted items are ant-size.

    I can't remember if I had to modify something last time I installed Stonerune, which was age ago.

    Did I miss something?
    Reinstall with exclude and check Loot.

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    Default editing loot box size

    open age of conan\data\gui\customized\views folder
    select LootView XML file
    right-click then select edit from menu
    find icon_size="Point(32,32)"
    change the 32,32 to 64,64

    if in game type /reloadui

    this will double the size of the loot box

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieselconq View Post new. bag and char windows are to big, loot window uber small. also a char picture is stretched. old 2.4.5 with achi tab added.

    i play on 23` mon. can you point me where i can make loot window larger and bag/char windows smaller?

    I added things in that was more for the Larger sized bags. It takes time to adjust things and the loot windows probably a quick fix as someone posted how.
    I did stretch the character windows because Those who did use this played on something in the 30 inch range and high res and didn't like the super tiny mirco sized
    inventory boxes.

    Yes I knew the loot window was tiny, and I have a limited time, so I forget to go back when and make little changes. Since I been playing since 2008, loot I really just grab and go and sort it out later.

    -I have applied a larger loot window
    -Updated Link is on OE Post
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    Thank you for update!
    Is there any way to install using default minimap and clock?

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    Hey. I downloaded the Stonerune UI and tried it. One thing, though: I don't like flash cast bars. How do I get rid of them and keep the normal ones? I'm using Strange UI now b/c it will allow me to do that.

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    The person (Kellisia) who was updating Stonerune is no longer with the game. Unless someone else steps up, there will be no more changes/updates.
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    Hey, try to type ''/option castbar false''

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    Coming back to see the new stuff. I'm guessing this doesn't work anymore
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    Quote Originally Posted by m4gg0t View Post
    Coming back to see the new stuff. I'm guessing this doesn't work anymore
    The version in this thread does.
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