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Thread: Achievements - Halloween event 2015

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    Default Achievements - Halloween event 2015

    Hi there, does anyone know if the targets of interest as well as the treasures for this achievement are randomly placed / spawned? I did it with 5 characters now but only found 3 loot bags (same on all characters) and not a single target of interest.
    Anyone know more about that?

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    I think the bosses spawn random like the vanaheim scenario.
    I found one boss in commons and one in noble.

    I also found some treasures laying around in commons, noble and in the catacombs.


    Have done this quest now with 9 characters and I havent seen any bosses since the first try on my first character.
    Maybe unlucky, but I guess the spawn rate on the bosses are messed up.

    3 Treasures are located in each zone if i remember correct.

    EDIT 2

    Boss#1 "Porcius the Ghastly" can spawn during the quest mission in commons, in the house not too far from the well ..meaning either he spawn or a normal corrupted mob spawn.

    Boss#2 "Valentinus the once revered" can be found in a tent in noble. This is a "normal" achievement boss that is replaced by a mob.(like in open world)

    If anyone have seen the third boss, please shout.

    And btw...what is Tainted meat doing when consumed?
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    Boss#3: Livius (the Horrible - maybe) In Catacombs right befor the throne, lower. Don't know if there is a normal mob instead if he isn't there, had him on all characters so far.

    Tainted meat tasts better then it smells .

    3 treasures per area confirmed.

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    Are these mobs all inside the shambling plague quest? I am assuming so...thanks

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    I played the event now more than 9 times and have the locations for the loot bags:

    All three instances (Commons, Noble, Catacombs) have 3 lootbags:

    (This is some kind of SPOILER so if you want to find them by yourself stop reading!)

    Common Districts:
    1. It's in the first house on the left side when you enter the district. When you enter the house in the right corner behind a small table there is a shelf where the first loot bag is
    2. In the Mitra Temple between some crates
    3. At the end where you would leave the city walls at the gate in a corner (right side) where some crates and a tree are

    Noble District:
    1. You move all the way up where you meet the Quest NPC, there behind the nemedian barricades there is another closed gate. From there you go to the right side where a small lane is. Behind a shrub there is another lootbag
    2. Go over the bridge and then go up the stairs at the left side right after you went over the bridge: You'll find a tent where some small crates are, behind them there is the next loot bag
    3. On The cemetery: After you walked up the stairs go left until you face the wall, then you turn left again and walk to the tree that is standing in the corner, there is another loot bag

    1. At the first encounter with one of these nemedian poison makers where you find the key to open the metal bars: in the right corner of the room there are some crates again, there is the first loot bag
    2. This one is very mean: After you opened the metal bars and went down to the next layer you can go to the right side where nothing is but a closed metal door -> look into the right corner near the stairs, there is a loot bag
    3. In the boss room: You walk to the green smoke / poison and look on the table, on the left side of it there is the last bag

    Regarding random bosses:
    I am not sure if it is possible to "reset" the instance if the boss did not spawn, for example: You go into the noble district, look for the boss, if he is not there you leave the instance / delete the quest and go in again. I'll try it out if that works.
    EDIT: Resetting / deleting does not work for me, seems like you just have to be very lucky to get the achievement and the cloak. By the way: Anybody has the cloak already? I want to see what it looks like.
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    I got all 3 rare bosses on my first run Lucky for once

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    me got the 2nd and 3rd achievement boss on my first run and the 1st on my second... so I guess I just was lucky then

    btw, here are the Loot Bag coordinates:

    Tarantia Common District Night

    857, 840 - Mysterious Loot Bag #1
    664, 889 - Mysterious Loot Bag #2
    580, 858 - Mysterious Loot Bag #3

    Tarantia Noble District Night

    1056,1125 - Mysterious Loot Bag #4
    1044, 1163 - Mysterious Loot Bag #5
    965, 1184 - Mysterious Loot Bag #6

    The Catacombs Night

    279, 304 - Mysterious Loot Bag #7
    316, 296 - Mysterious Loot Bag #8
    253, 263 - Mysterious Loot Bag #9

    btw, the reward looks like the Tunic of the Red Hand - only with a white Skull i.s.o. red

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorgomir View Post
    btw, the reward looks like the Tunic of the Red Hand - only with a white Skull i.s.o. red
    Yes I saw it in global chat today but I wonder why it is a chest armor... in german the name sounds like some kind of cloak since it is described as scarf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xCodename View Post
    Yes I saw it in global chat today but I wonder why it is a chest armor... in german the name sounds like some kind of cloak since it is described as scarf.
    that was probably me posting it in global

    anyway, true - I am German too and we had a longer discussion about how a shawl would look like...
    In my understanding "shawl" is some bigger piece of cloth that covers both shoulders (mostly worn by women)

    just go to google's picture search and enter shawl

    but what I actually got was more a tunic than anything else :/

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    Targets of Interest

    Portius the Ghastly - Commons - Spawns in the church? during the zombie uprising/assault event thingy (by the well) where you sit and wait for them to spawn and run for you.

    Valentinus the Once Revered - Noble District - 1020, 1179
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