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Thread: Update during pvp event

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    Default Update during pvp event


    logged on for the first time in 3 or 4 months to participate in the PvP events for a couple hours. My patcher has been downloading for the past 1h30min, I'm out of time.

    My question is, could the update have been any better timed? I mean f*cking PvE content can go live on any other week then the PvP week no?

    P.S. AoC is still the best combat system out there

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    Game lose players every week because they don't have any updates. And now when they finally add something new, you cry about PvP week. Without updates you just find empty locations everywhere sooner or later.

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    The downtime was really no longer than any other week that just has a server restart. The patch download didn't take more than 5 minutes for me. It has to come sometime, and it will impact someone. You just drew the short straw this time.

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    The update was announced also, so it might help if you check the forums or dev tracker before you do a long event.

    My four year old computer downloaded the game in about 5 minutes: were you trying to download during the offline time?

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    i'm glad not everyone is like this.

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    The patch was quick and smooth no problem there but I'm just annoyed that it falls during the monthly pvp festival week as it certainly draws a number of players away from it during EU peak hours.
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    I'm back for the pvp event, server going down in 10min

    is this a f*cking joke? or are there patches every day?

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    Quite easy to find out when the servers are down and not? Takes just 0.02 calories to use the announcement section of forums.

    The game will probably be back online in 40-45 minutes, a standard reboot don't take that long, unless they are applying ninja patches on something.

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    Pretty much weekly. Not like PvP is targeted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbaricwildcat2 View Post

    I'm back for the pvp event, server going down in 10min

    is this a f*cking joke? or are there patches every day?
    They need to restart the servers so the pvp event works properly, Edit by Anzu: No. its gonna run for a week so one hour down wont kill you, Edit by Anzu: No.
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