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Thread: Hey AoC Community!

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    Red face Yay!

    I missed the dev letter from september so i'll welcome you now! WELCOME Muss! I'm glad to say that you have helped me out via the /petition feature a number of times and you're one of my favorite GM's for sure (no offense to all the other GM's Thanks for being awesome and i hope you find a good home at Funcom.

    - Chris
    Beep boop.

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    Welcome! mussagana
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post

    Are you able to answer what your task is in the development of the GAEM? Coder or designer?
    Absolutely! Designer.

    I have a feeling I'll be saying this a lot during the thread, but thanks for the warm welcome everybody. You guys are awesome.
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    Red face

    Welcome and best wishes for you.
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    Welcome! Old ship needs a fresh wind in the sails)))

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    Welcome Muss

    Good to have another hand on the SS Conan!!

    Hopefully the forums are kind to you.

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    Welcome Muss! I hope you will have good time working for AoC and give fresh view for their team!

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    Welcome Mussagana! It's good to see a real AoC fan added to the dev team!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhyxx View Post
    Hopefully the forums are kind to you.
    I'm pretty sure Mussagana knows the community from his time as GM, and knows what to expect
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    Yay, Welcome Mussagana! And addition to the dev team is always a good news!
    Fun fact : Not actually the same guy as the player named "Jaedelyia" in-game. Never though I would one day encounter a guy with the same nickname as this one.

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