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Thread: Hey AoC Community!

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    Funcom Hey AoC Community!

    Hey guys!

    Let me begin by apologizing for not being able to post this sooner. It's been really busy around here, but we've got a lot of content on the way so it's definitely all been worth it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. As a second note, I also wanted to thank everybody for greeting me over in the September dev letter discussion. That definitely made me feel welcome, so I appreciate it! There was also a lot of great feedback in there too, so we're grateful for that as well.

    Now that we have a minute I thought I'd introduce myself. As the name over to the left suggests, I'm Mussagana, though I find many usually shorten this to "Muss." Feel free to use either, though you might show up on my forum searches more often if you use the full name. No need to summon me indirectly, though, PMs work just fine!

    Anyway, as a long-time fan of both Age of Conan and Howard's work (the latter definitely contributed to the former) it's really awesome to be part of the project! CirithGorgor has been doing a great job of answering my seemingly endless questions while simultaneously maintaining nigh inhuman production speeds putting the finishing touches on Cetriss. The fruits of that labor will be on live soon, so we really hope you enjoy it. Also, as anybody with a calendar or vague sense of time can tell, Halloween is coming up too! We know this is one of the community's favorite events, so we've got some content coming for that as well (both old and new)!!

    So yeah, we have Cetriss coming for you, we have Halloween coming for's a great time to be a part of the AoC community. As a developer, a player, or both.

    Thanks again for the welcoming posts, and I hope to see you guys in the game!

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    Cool Neato

    Winner winner chicken dinner. Welcome!

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    Short cuts make long delays.

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    Are you able to answer what your task is in the development of the GAEM? Coder or designer?
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    Welcome Mussagana!
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    fix necro and dt !
    welcome to hyboria!

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    Default crafting revamp

    When's it coming ~ or has it been scrapped?
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    Thumbs up

    Servus Mussagana!
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    Hello Mussagana,

    I remember you from dealing with my petitions when you were GM and I have to say, you were one of the best and friendliest GMs!! Nice to see that you climbed up the ladder a bit

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