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Thread: Expansion Access

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asharoth View Post
    Money has absolutely nothing to do with this, if you had actually read the thread instead of assuming then you would have seen that I already said that I would be paying a subscription anyway (and am), the issue is what is called where I work a "double drop", where you pay for something then have to pay again to use that something, it's like taking out insurance on your car only to be told when you have a claim that you have to pay again for them to process the claim, it's a matter of principle not money.
    They don't really care and more than likely never going to change their policy unless another company rewrites it. Honestly, it is rather shady, but if you like the game, then you pay to enjoy it and don't worry about it. If not, you move on, every company has their own written policies and you are required to accept them in order to play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustaine View Post
    You're basically describing a insurance deductible with that analogy. Not really helping the argument.

    I think a large majority agree with you overall. There are a few vocal minority that come here to simply argue. But again, there a a considerable amount of games that have great F2P models (Gw2 and SWtOR where mentioned). Funcom just needs to dial it in a bit better. It could only benefit the players and the company. I fear it would take resources they don't have to adjust it. So we're left with it ...

    Yeah, that's the problem, they're nowhere near inline with other F2P games, to be honest I would even be happy if they locked zones behind a purchase, as long as that purchase was a one time purchase, they could make a set of zones that is one route to 80 completely free, then alternative zones as a one time purchase, but if sub'd they're unlocked while sub'd. As I said it's not about the money it's the double dipping I don't like. Either way i'm playing and subbing anyway, so it can't be about the money
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    Default Big lol

    Edit by Anzu: That is not needed.

    There is only this choice:
    Play without any costs but not the whole content.
    Subscribe and get all services and content.

    Edit by Anzu: Neither is this.
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    So that this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcustoms View Post
    I can't believe a company would ask you to pay for their product. utterly ridiculous.
    But they have paid for it. That's the point. I always thought this was a ridiculous way to do it. No wonder this game died, and Funcom are going broke. Well, it's one of the many reasons anyway.
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    Age of Conan is free to play. RotGS isn't.
    I really don't see what the big deal is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarundr View Post
    Age of Conan is free to play. RotGS isn't.
    I really don't see what the big deal is.
    Well, since T2/T3 isn't accessible to f2p players, not All Age of Conan base game is free to play either. Just sayin'
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