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Thread: What is wrong with this class??

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    It's just a bit of optimization that allows you to be a little more resilient or versatile. Nothing major.

    I made a long post about the Necro feats on the old EU forums (French side.) It's a mess inherited from the merge between the beta Necromancer and Lich (those were two separate classes back then), with more changes from the several balance passes over the years. Not much variety, but at least the class works quite well.

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only NF left though, even if I've been focused on pve for quite some time now.
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    Off-topic: I would pay a lifetime sub if FC changed the name of Strike to Guard to the "Oh sh*t" combo! The tooltip could read: "The guardian realises they are now in over their head, and, having soiled themselves, are less likely to receive attention from their target."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caudilloo View Post
    With all respect to devs but I honestly think they don't have a clue about this stuff.
    almost 6 years enex said he would look into it...

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    Don't spellweave, problem solved

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    1 point in Mark of the Devourer is your first problem. Should be 5/5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khramps View Post
    1 point in Mark of the Devourer is your first problem. Should be 5/5.
    I said immediately after the spec that I prefer the 30% f2w increase, and that this is one of the few variations a pvp caster spec has. Imo motd is only worth 1 point. I mainly do small group open world pvp and duels, so for me motd is mostly for a minigame once and a while because it's more efficient against multiple enemies.

    (Sorry Maly wrong quote at first)
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