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    Hallo gents! I was wondering how ibis stacks up against some of the reasonably available 2HE weapons available In game, aside from T4...I'm concerned it isn't worth the investment considering Ibis lack of +magic only about 3 weeks into lvl 80 Pvp3 HoX so any advice/info in regards to +magic dmg affecting skill dmg and importance of base weapon dmg would be super! thanks a ton guys.


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    Skirmishers Spellsword for PvP T1 (level 3), or Trial of Flame (aka Butterknife) for PvE. That's the easiest obtainable decent weapons. The Ibis is expensive and got no hit rating, and lower magic damage, only from gems.

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    People used Ibis before the pvp revamp as I know. Now the Spellsword is quite good and it's the easiest to obtain.

    PvP weapon is kinda crap for PvE. You can simply buy Fellblade on trader if you have 40ish gold (not sure about the current price), I still use it on my 2nd HoX. The best option before t4 is the Trial from Hyrkanian faction but it requires a bunch of rare tokens and faction rank 4.
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    Hey, another HoX weapon-related question:
    Does anyone weaponswitch to dagger + talisman for extra magic damage when casting spells? I've been thinking about it but haven't tested it (don't have any good enough dagger+talisman set anyway).

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    It was an interesting idea when we had only t1-3 swords without crit, crit dmr. The 3 swords above are now good enough, esp. the t4 one.
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    Thanks, good to know. There's no need for me to reinvent the five-wheeled cart then

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