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Thread: AOC Dungeon Finder

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    The problem with the dungeon/raid finder is that only Flame-Vortex and MC-Entity would be on it. It is about the 5% of the game. Oh yes and maybe the purifying runs. I see only few people in Tainted Souls who have the base to do successful time trials on this server, no one else want to take the effort. Global is dead or flooded with the mentioned dungeons. T3 on global is dead, only a couple of T2 raids are sometimes. Everybody is waiting for the raid nerf for more slacking and get more easy loot from T4. Sometimes I saw AOK or Halls UCs but not often, or maybe a Caravan or Scorpion. What would be the point with the dungeon finder if players are only do the easy things for easy loot? They do not want to spend too much time in a dungeon or raid, they only care about the fast loot in every week and every day. Nobody is doing the quests and dungeons anymore for the Khitai factions. It is pointless for those players who want to jump in T4 right after they entered to Northern Grasslands at the entrance of the Great Wall. They enter to T4 with zero gear not a decent as it should be. Wipes after wipes, they stop on Imp because Zodiac is too risky, rather they do an MC-Entity and skip Emperor. There is no more "get experience, get gear" in the game, what the Khitai HMs offered before you went to T4. It is a shame on Conan on these days and it will be worse after the raid nerf.

    Those players like me are not worth to log in the game, because there are no groups to do something else than the usual farming and it is fckng boring! I do not know how the "big guilds" are working behind the scenes, but I would like to join those groups who want to do the trials, high-end dungeons and raids. I spent a lot of time with pug groups and raids in years ago. I met very good players in those days, but they are gone and they are not playing anymore.
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    Main issue imo is actually that most dungeons are from 2009 and most people have actually burned out doing them again and again for worse gear than they already have
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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjoint View Post
    Main issue imo is actually that most dungeons are from 2009 and most people have actually burned out doing them again and again for worse gear than they already have
    This is true, but not a good excuse to justify a race to the latest dungeons only (by design, loot, balance etc.). This effectively forces new players (there are still ones) to do the content veterans favour (for good reasons maybe too), robbing them of their own experiences. Here a more neutral or more userfriendly gui driven system could actually improve things, because especially for new players it is NOT intuitive to use global and know, if they are valid for this instance or not. If this works will mainly decide, if a dungeon finder is a good or a bad one. E.g. not only showing Vortex and Entity...

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    Main problem what Funcom doesn't say anything new for months about their "AOC Dungeon Finder" and this feature even not ready for test server. But they say in the past what Dungeon Finder will be introduced in same time with T6, T3-T4 nerf and other things.

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    Dungeon finder should be named Player Finder instead.
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