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Thread: customized waypoints

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorgomir View Post
    well, if it skips the original Launcher, what about updates to the Game (not the custom UI) - how do I get those then?
    - and the information distributed via the Launcher (e.g. important hotfix news, whether the server is on-/offline, upcoming updates, ...); where are those shown now?
    It do check for updates and invoke the patcher if there is a pending update. Otherwise it'll skip the Conan patcher by default. You can, should you want to, hold shift+F8 before you start the game, it'll force the patcher to appear, for reading news, change settings, do database integrity check or restore corrupted parts of the default UI. While alt+F8 skips the check for updates, forcing the game to start should you get caught in an infinite update loop. And ctrl+F8 will bring up the aoc.exe configuration.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yorgomir View Post
    anyhow: is there a FAQ or something (preferrably with screenshots) of what's possible with aoc.exe regarding flash elements and other features?
    just starting to get interesting ;-)
    No documentation yet, it is still a pre release.
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    2 quick questions:

    1) does aoc.exe need to run in background during playing AoC?
    - or is it only used to initially modify the content of gui/default and then terminates itself?
    (so it only ever needs to be switched-off/on-again when the content in gui/aoc changes)

    if the latter is true, then it is safe to *not* deactivate it after playing, correct (and in turn not re-activate it the next time you play)?

    reason for asking: I seem to have forgotten to deactivate aoc.exe once after leaving AoC and switching-off the PC,
    so the next day when I wanted to play AoC, I started aoc.exe and it was showing *deactivated* ...

    2) can aoc.exe handle multiple separate installations of AoC in different directories and still handle all the copying correctly?

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    Once it is activated, it remains that way untill you decide to deactivate it

    As for the other questions, I let Foxcat speak ^^

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    updated initial post, download link and some explanations added

    feedback always welcome
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    hmm... I guess there is no way of having a pop-up window upon incoming PMs, correct?

    really didn't see it, sorry - but have replied meanwhile

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    Each time you manually run aoc.exe, you'll toggle activated/deactivated.

    You do not need to deactivated it. It will start with the game and remain idle while game is running. It'll perform a cleanup task after you close the game, before terminating itself.

    aoc.exe seems to handle different installations at the same time just fine. I got a testlive install and it works fine with both, even at the same time. It even allow you to run multiple clients from the same installation, at least under Windows 7. This feature might not work under Windows 8 though.
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    ok thx - only annoyance is (during testing of XML/icon modifications) that each time the whole game needs to be terminated/restarted :/

    anyway - I updated the archive in my first post; added Chosain Province (and exchanged explorer with excavator...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorgomir View Post
    only annoyance is (during testing of XML/icon modifications) that each time the whole game needs to be terminated/restarted :/
    Go to a lobby somewhere, eg. in the Warmonk Monestary.
    • Make changes to one of your patched waypoints files in Default\Waypoints.
    • Type /reloadui ingame.
    • Open your world map, and select the modified region.
    You will now see your change reflected. Once you done all your changes, you copy those changes to the Aoc\Yorgomir WP\Waypoints file before you close the game.

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    download in first post updated

    + Tortage
    + Gateway to Khitai

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