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    She sat in the tavern, her eyes shifting from that person to that, carefully noting different aspects of their appearance that gave way to the sort of life that they lived. There was one that was a male dressed in fine threads with the most expensive wine: a noble. Another with common attire but sharp eyes and workers hands: a merchant. She spied a warrior, a whore, a priest, and traveler…

    Bright green eyes continued to shift to those until finally settling on one. He was lowly, dressed in worn clothes and bitterness in his eyes. A thief. He was common enough, although a little skinny for her tastes. There were plenty of them in the city and often enough they came and went like the wind. With a little smile she rose from her dark corner and walked to his table.

    The game was simple enough. Earn interest and lure away. She did not ask if she could sit, simply sat as if the table was her own. In moments with a few glances and well-chosen words she had his interest both mentally and physically. So long ago she would have hated her body and the way that he looked at her. Now it was promising for what she needed.

    When he finally not so subtly hinted at going somewhere more private, she could barely hold back the feeling in her stomach. Holding his hand in her own, she led him out of the tavern and well enough away to a place for their solitude. She could hear his heart beat, fast and strong with anticipation. His rough hands grabbed her and turned her to press her body up against his own. There was no grace or adoration in his gaze. He was lusty with a need for flesh.

    “Tell me what you need.” He said, trying to sound commanding but it took will power to not roll her eyes at his lacking tone.

    Lifting up her hands, she carefully cradled his head in her hands and smiled warmly up at him with a look of hunger. “I need to eat you.”

    There was a brief look confusion and in a blur of motion his neck was snapped from her hands twisting his head sharply. His body feel to the ground with all the grace of a sack of potatoes. Kneeling down, she used her knives, she cut up open and sank her hands into his still warm body, pulling out his liver and heart to consume first before moving onto the muscles. Nearby she could hear the sounds of animals scenting blood. They did not venture closer as she fed, knowing better to let the larger predator have their meal and feast on the scraps afterwards.

    Once full, she licked her fingers clean and gracefully rose to her feet. Hunger defeated for now, she could venture off to her normal grounds and be social with those she considered her friends.
    Poeros Sacmis
    Noble troublemaker, Labyrinth Walker, and loyal friend.

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    Things were quiet when Poeros arrived home with a blonde walking with her hand in hand. The servants paused as it was very rare for her to bring anyone home with her unlike her brother who was constantly having “guests.” Before the two venture too far inside, Poeros waved one of the servants over.

    “My friend has had a taxing few days. Bring her fresh clothes, food, water, and something to clean her face with.” Smiling warmly, she turned and caressed blonde’s cheek with the knuckles of her hand, “Then you will feel like a new women, my darling.”

    The servant nodded and left to do so while Poeros continued to guide the tired woman with her further into her home. It was lavish affair, more belonging to her parents than to herself. Very rarely was she here to make anything in the home her own with a small exception. As the two continued their walk, the sounds of small feet running and laughter could be heard. As the sound, Poeros frowned. “They should be in bed.” She said with clear disapproval in her tone.

    Following the sound, the two found themselves at a courtyard in the center of home, spaces with a running watcher feature that flowed slowly through one end to another. Along the edges were trees and other greenery that was common in desert oasis. Overall it was designed to be a peaceful refuge for one to go to. However, the intention of it was ruined by the two children running wild about the place, kicking up water as they played their game of chase.

    “Arwyne. Nebibi.” Poeros said, her tone stern. At hearing their names called, the two children suddenly froze and looked to her with wide eye.

    The two children could not be any more different than each other in appearance. The oldest was a female with pale skin of a northern and long blond hair that was nearly white now because of the sun that fell about her face that only caused her blue eyes to stand out even more. It was easy for anyone to see that when she grew up that she would be a beauty. The smaller child was dusty skin as Poeros was with tight curly black hair cut close to his head and vibrant green eyes. It was hard to grasp that the two were related or even came from the same parents for the drastic difference in their appearance.

    “Mother, we did not think you—“ The girl started, smiling so sweet it caused ones teeth to ache, but her words were cut off as Poeros held up a finger.

    “I care not for your explanation. You both know the rules.” She pointed towards one of the doors stared at the two children. They both looked at each other before trudging off to bed with adorable pouting faces.

    Once the two were gone, Poeros looked back to her guest; Pax. “Forgive them. They think that when their mother is away that they may always play.”
    Poeros Sacmis
    Noble troublemaker, Labyrinth Walker, and loyal friend.

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