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    Any recipes out there that need this resource?

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    From the crafting spreadsheet that Vaere posted in a sticked thread, Corinthiacum is used to make two items:

    A dagger:
    Asuran Ceremonial Dagger - from recipe book "Secrets of the West" obtained from a random drop from Deatheater Setkanh[level 80] in Imirian Ravine,
    70.9 DPS
    +164 Combat Rating (Holy)
    +14 Hit Rating
    +40 Critical Rating
    +40 Critical Damage Rating
    [Venomous Strike]
    Green and blue gem
    requires: base weapon Well-Honed Spire; 1 Gold; 3 Black Silver; 2 Chalcanthite Crystals; 1 Uncut Topaz; 4 Corinthiacum

    And a centrepiece:
    Founders' Duty; recipe purchased from Guild City - Visionary
    requires: 625 Sandstone; 75 Adamant; 8 Corinthiacum

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    Thank you!! I must have missed when I was looking!

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