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    Unhappy Architect plans

    Ok....stupid question.....what do I do with these plans after I have made them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by airwinger View Post
    Ok....stupid question.....what do I do with these plans after I have made them?
    You right click them in you inventory and then press Shift + T to open your Crafting window, there you will see what you need to build a tower or something else.

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    There is more than one type of architect plan.
    There is the type that xCodename is referring to - which is a plan that you click in your inventory and you learn to make that object - such as a Sculpture: Winged Sentry; Centrepiece: Eternal Winter, etc. Once you have "learnt" these, when you open your crafting book and click them you will see what you need to have in order to make them and a tiny picture of what they will look like. Once you have made them, then they can be placed on the appropriate type of decoration or centrepiece decoration node in (or just outside) your guild city. Note: there is a requirement for your guild to be rank 2 before your city gets decoration nodes and rank 6 for centrepiece decoration nodes. Also, decoration nodes can have other objects such as plants build on them instead of sculptures or pillars. I believe you can make these decorative objects on one character and then give to another to place on the node. For my guild city, I need to be on a character with a high enough rank in the guild in order to place a decoration. And you can change what is on these decoration nodes, but it will destroy the current item on that node when you do unfortunately you can not just move decorations around your city.

    There are also the ones that you make as part of the crafting quests to progress in the Architect profession, such as "Keep Plan", "Alchemist Workshop Plan" etc. When you open your crafting book you will see what you need to create the plan for that building (eg drawing ink and parchment), but not all the details of the materials (joists, brace, bricks etc) you require in order to create that building.
    It has been a couple of years since I started my solo city - so forgive me if the specifics are incorrect.....
    1) you need to have a guild city plot. To claim a plot your guild needs to have 24 characters in it.
    then 2) I think you need to go to your guild city plot and right click one of the clickable building nodes/object and chose the building you want to make and then you can find out what items you need to have in your inventory before you can make that building. eg Keep Plan + 15 Joist + 20 Brick + 5 Facade + 10 Brace.
    When I want to find out what I need to upgrade my buildings from one tier to the next, I right click on the building and it brings up a window called "Construction" which says "click on the building to construct". Which I hover my mouse over the picture in this window another window pops up containing the list of materials I need and Predecessor buildings that have to be constructed before I can make it. I just can not remember clearly if this was the same process when the node was bare.....hopefully if I am wrong someone else will correct this post.

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