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Thread: The rough leather drop is BS

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    I don't think anyone mentioned this and I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but to get rough leather you have to kill mobs that are lower than level 40 or 50 (not sure what the actual level is sorry, been years since I worried about these things.) Also, since I haven't tried to farm rough leather in years not sure if it's changed, the drop rate of rough leather was always low and probably continues to be low. However, when I was trying to get rough leather, I found that farming the bears in wild lands of zelata was a decent place. I'm sure there are others as well but probably wild lands, conall's valley and kophsef province are going to be your best place to find that stuff. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    I got quite a few pieces of Rough Leather in Conall's Valley from the wolves and wargs. Actually, more than from farming in the gathering zones.

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    Don't count out the gathering areas - I have a "cow" spot in Poitain I take my ranger too and she 1-shots cows that drop all leathers (wide range of levels of mobs). I move a few meters occasionally waiting for re-spawns but don't have to move much at all. Couple hours and I have multiple stacks.

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    7 years in and people still complain about Rough Leather? This one of of the easiest things to gather. Go to purple lotus swamps, directly in front of you are 3 clusters of birds [Prey]. They only have 2 items they can drop. Rough leather and Brindled leather. And they drop both at fairly good rates. FAR greater than any other mobs in the game. In a short time you can easily pick up 30 Rough and 14 Brindled (give or take but you can get both at great ratios). This has been the case since the game launched. I spent about a half hour doing this one day and had over 50 rough and over 20 brindled, can't recall the exact amounts as it was a year ago or so. Point is, they are easy to get. Now the green T2 leather you have every reason to complain about, that has a horrid drop rate.

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