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    Default The Suha Saga: the Saga of the Stars (1)

    The Cat of the Star

    From the heavens, the stars
    Adrift on the cosmic winds
    Until starry heavens’ tears fall afar
    Evil’s bonds broken blends
    Heart not pure nor not good
    Hiding not in the shade of a hood
    Again she comes from the stars
    She is the Cat of the Stars

    The White Star

    In the heavens, the stars
    Drift like sands thru time
    Some fall in Tortage far
    From Set’s passages of time:
    A White Star in the White Sands
    Found with few to call friends
    Yet she is the White Star
    Of Afraa-Suha

    The Joy of the Stars

    The heaven’s brought the Maidens together
    Side by side in a wild landscape
    Bound by an invisible luck forever ever
    Friends and in name no escape
    Sisters unflustered and unmoving
    Sisters strengthened by caring and loving
    For their Maidens gathered from the ether
    She is the Essence of Joy of the Star

    The Star of Youth

    Within the Heaven’s Maiden starry ether
    Upon chords of cosmic landscape
    From the starry skies a joyous ether
    The melody of the youthful nymph escapes
    From soft lips peace is reborn
    Muse has danced where heart torn
    And a sweetness gives a treasure
    Reana the child of youthful treasure

    Compassion of the Star

    From abroad the Universe of Stars
    Few have met such rival in love
    The first steps would carry her so far
    Nobility brilliance born of above
    A passion for honor appreciated in hand
    That few learn the her compassion
    From the step to next across the land
    For she hold the Star hold Compassion.
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    Default The Suha Saga: Dreaming Nightmares (2)

    The Stirring of Dreams

    For the Suha Sisters, the mundane world of dreams
    Rumors and whispers of forgotten tells of realms spent
    One of the elderly women raised them as her own
    To each she told how the Heavens had opened up sent
    Down a shower of Stars and how they answered her dreams.

    The White was quick to find a the Den of Thieves and then
    The Cat studied hard and worked but came the dark day
    The pleasure had blinded the Afraa that she had not noticed
    So enraged was the Cat that she cursed her sister that day
    During the heat of passion Afraa’s eyes would burn whiten.

    The tribe lost a great elder to a band bandits that had rode
    Into the middle of camp with the elder’s and daughter names
    Regardless of the burn rage the Cat was caged slavery sold
    The White was not treat as pure and earn far less fame
    When she too would find herself shackled to her new abode.

    Within the cage the White Assassin drew plans to redeem
    Herself before sister in which tasted every pleasure deemed.

    The Awaking

    A goddess of fertility and lust, Derketo, reached far
    Into Stygia to find even one of several fallen Stars
    Against the decadent and devotion of that Set
    In her youth the erotic tools were taught by she met
    Within the grand temple of the Goddess
    Upon her back underneath sky that was moonless
    The lines to the coffers were allows long.

    From nobles to common man or woman
    They would come making of request of women
    Of the temple of Derketo upon the equinox
    At harvest wine flows so the powers of life is unlocks
    With disapproval from many around those afar
    And those with the Stygian land cannot put out the star
    Of Derketo which continues to burn for long.

    The River of Styx stretches her fingers far wide
    She is known as the Queen of the Dead in the prides
    Of Kush, in Bubshur and Pashtun in these town halls
    Including within the Pyramid of the Ancients’ Halls
    The webs spun included the Black Ring of Thoth-Amon
    Capturing the Blessed Caves for Thoth-Amon
    Blood and fire would burn prolong.

    Dreaming of Y’hathlei
    From an early age Mau had danced under the stars for blessings
    While dancing expressed sensual and highest states of freedom
    From a child to womanhood dancing was her expression of freedom
    As she learned more, it became a curse and a welcomed blessing
    Of seduction and desire of men and women calling upon her.
    Upon the death of the Elder, Mau ran like the gazelle into plains
    Until she fell looking up into the stars seeing alignment of Leo
    All around her was the feathers of ostrich and lotus below
    Such curiosity made her want to forget each of her pains
    There she sat and cried herself asleep until someone touched her.
    A nude woman mounted lion wearing a ostrich feather crown
    Within her right hand she holds several lotus flowers in full bloom
    And within her left hand writhing Set of snakes of war of doom
    With a warm smile, she tosses the snakes far out to sea to drown
    Night sky was denoting it to be some time near midnight.
    Dismounting from the lion, Derketo takes Mau’s hand and with
    The midnight winds were soft and gentle as soothing Styx’s water
    The lust of life found along fertile and rich shore lines of the river
    They walk from the lands edge to the dream’s edge of new myth
    Intensity of such divine souls entwined for even a night.
    Through the watery depths they swam together hand and hand
    To shores of a long forgotten except those as ancient that built the city
    Of Y’hathlei, the caretakers swam around welcoming her to the city
    As soon as the their feet touched caress the soft moist sand of the land
    Derketo gave a parting kiss and walked ahead.
    In the distance, she could hear singing to Father Dagon and Mother Hydra
    Chants of praises in a long dead language forgotten by most
    For her and the nude woman where a couple of robed figures post
    To open the doors those seeking to go before Dagon and Mother Hydra
    Within the very vast great halls that lay ahead.
    Far below Mau could hear the sounds of the people finding pleasure
    Farther she walked the louder the sounds became overwhelming
    It would swell up into musical waves of sensations of singing
    To her and this caused the flowering of her of moist treasure
    She took a deep breath and took the step that led down.
    She rounded the corner there they waited for her eagerly
    From the down the hall the symphony of voices rising and falling
    Hid all the struggling and fighting and left victim crying
    Her cries blended into the melody of voices eagerly
    Sounding of the deepest pleasures brought down.
    A bitter sweet pleasures found themselves within Mau's tears
    An ancient song as old as pyramids was song to her tonight
    Such intimate dances that were danced out for all that night
    Passing from one dance to next with a whispering in her ear
    As she is lead to a large pool in middle of the room.
    As she passed to an area she saw a writhing mass of snakes
    Around a girl yet and along another area someone she saw
    Someone with something as ancient the Pyramid being raw
    Not far the writhing girl was the Priest of Set tending the snakes
    Ensuring that snakes suffered naught harm or bring all doom.
    When Mau entered the throne room she founds the finest
    Of the silk draperies and pillows to offer comfort any and all
    The Sands of Times of through the cracks did indeed fall
    Upon the palace’s floor scattered were the bones of the tiniest
    Fish as far as the eyes see as she stood in the hall of Dagon.
    A slander hand from behind gently and softly places them
    On her shoulders helping her to disrobe before all that amassed
    Hands glided over her oiled bodied as she walked by all amassed
    Glistening from smeared scented oils she stood bare before them
    Having an idea of what was coming of sleeping Dagon.
    Mau knew the nude woman sitting in the throne next the sleeping
    Giant known as Dagon or Dagoth, the nude woman give a vial
    To Mau and motion for her to drink it, no time to explain survival
    Of what may becoming her and the world of dreaming and sleeping
    Should she fail in the task ahead of her.
    As she grew, the walls seemed to fall away
    As Dagon started to stir so did seas and oceans above
    Where Derketo had moment ago took the seed of her love
    Mau danced intimate letting oceans water spray
    Remind her of lullaby sung by the Elder to her.
    Deep under water with oceanic midnight sky within Y’hathlei
    Dagoth lays entombed with throne forever facing watery sky
    Deep under water with oceanic midnight sky within Y’hathlei
    Dagon sleeps within his throne forever under watery sky
    So the dancer turns to face another day of freedom.

    [The right hand of the gods was considered to be healing and beneficent, while their left hand was used for curses or inflicting injury.]
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    Default The Suha Saga: The Adventures of the Airship Captain (3)

    Clockwork Cogs and Gears

    Tick tocks
    Sounds all too clear to Captain Jack
    Tick tocks
    Pounds all too real to Captain Jack

    He stares at the wonder in awe
    Darting in and out from the clouds
    He ponders the nature of Natures' Law
    Seeing through the shroud of clouds
    On the deck the violin been bowed
    Below deck the steam heart beats
    Top side feel the wind is in tow
    Soaring ahead the flocking fleet

    Tick tocks
    Sounds all too clear to Captain Jack
    Tick tocks
    Pounds all too real to Captain Jack

    Synchronized to no other
    Clockwork heart of his love
    Instruments only via her
    Incline to believe in her love
    At the rail looking far below
    Cities look like clumps of earth
    Gaskets hold until steam blows
    Holding tight for home and hearth

    Tick tocks
    Sounds all too clear to Captain Jack
    Tick tocks
    Pounds all too real to Captain Jack

    Full steam ahead through clouds
    Barking orders at the crew
    Pistons pushing sounding loud
    Holding true to course due
    Hope of love, love of hope
    Unseen, airy cogs and gears
    Red-hair angel spotted in scope
    Together over coming all fears

    Tick tocks
    Sounds all too clear to Captain Jack
    Tick tocks
    Pounds all too real to Captain Jack

    She stares at the wonder in awe
    Darting in and out hiding in clouds
    She ponders the nature of Natures' Law
    Seeing through the shrouding cloud
    From deck the violin sounding bow
    Within the wooden beast heart beats
    Top side the wind needs not blow
    What an amazing creative feat

    Tick tocks
    Sounds all too clear to Jack's love
    Tick tocks
    Found all too real to Jack from above

    The Music Box

    The man stood in doorway
    Removed his rain coat
    Looking out across the boat
    Watching the cloudy airway
    Hair neatly pulled back
    Underneath his old top hat
    As if from another at that
    From a time long ago, back
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance

    Within his hands he holds
    A small gadget worth more
    Than all the books of lore
    Worth more than all the gold
    Even above the clockwork
    Gears of the airship so grand
    Or the horseless carriage on land
    So goes the ticking of the work
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance

    Porcelain white of the dancer
    Dancing to a melody forgotten
    Upon her toes she spins again
    The hands to hips, to head of dancer
    Flawlessly she dances to song
    Tube against a spring-loaded comb
    A box of little leisure called home
    Forever dancing to a love-song
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance

    The man watches her dance
    Wishing with might that they share
    To share that dance to the air
    To be watched as they dance
    To forever, hold her hand
    To dance in perfect timing
    To let the heavenly gears turning
    And to sail far above the land
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    The dancer continues to dance

    Crossing Swords

    Captain Jack sat in solitude
    Maps and plans lay before him
    The winds flow around at whim
    Rocking the ship changing mood
    Of the crew 'cause of what awaits them
    In the distance cannons fire
    Flashes of fire and black smoke
    Inside the ship's bellies fires stoked
    With coal or wood added to the fires
    From pipes boiling black smoke
    Sounds all too clear to Captain Jack
    Pounds all too real to Captain Jack

    The Porcelain Dancer's Captain
    Standing proud, barking orders
    The crew obeying the given orders
    Of their beloved ship's Captain
    Pushing to expend their borders
    In time with ship the drummer plays
    A steady beat encouraging crew
    With a song of the forth coming brew
    Pyramids of iron balls ready display
    Cannons a deep polished metallic blue
    Ticking and spurring of gears
    Ticking and spurring of gears

    Combatants squared off
    Cannons fired black-white smoke
    No need to ask which provoke
    Sounds of wood splinter off
    Engines strain puffing smoke
    Both Captains barking orders
    The Jolly Rogers of old anew
    The Porcelain Dancer all new
    Turning of turrets with orders
    Iron balls gunpowder blew
    Clicking of gears groaning
    Sounds of wood and steel moaning

    Passing aside drawn weapons
    Firing of the flint lock muskets
    Ripping through flesh like baskets
    From ropes and masts fall peons
    Rapiers, sabers drawn to muskets
    Harpoons spearing man and ship
    Pulling closer as cannons fire again
    Splintering wood, shattering steel again
    Tossing barrels and men from the ships
    Far below wood and metal rain
    Sounds of men groaning and moaning
    Clanking of gears grinding, groaning

    In an act of desperation the Captain
    Of the Porcelain Dancer, all cannons fire
    Smoke covering the target acquired
    The Jolly Roger's side worn thin
    And the ship's heart sputtering fire
    Hails and ropes for surrendering
    Captain Jack gives his own hail
    Aiming high delivering a sulfurous hail
    Through the envelop, ballonet ripping
    Lines burning, lines begin to fail
    Sounds of men groaning and moaning
    Clanking of gears grinding, groaning

    As the Porcelain Dancer sinks
    In ablaze through the clouds
    The cries of the crew heard aloud
    As the Dancer begins to shrinks
    In a cover of a fiery smoky cloud
    The crew and Captain Jack
    Standing on the deck saluting
    A ship sinking and spinning
    As the ground welcomes her back
    And her heart sputtering, spitting
    Sounds of men crooning and moaning
    Clanking of gears grinding, groaning

    Captain Jack's Jolly Rogers

    Flag flying high from the mast
    The crew gathering in mass
    Violins bowed as the rum's pass
    Living in the present past
    As the world below in slavery
    Becoming less savory
    Looking ahead the Captain
    The crew singing in victory
    Violin and drums in harmony
    Joyously splashing drink again
    Aye around of yo-ho they go
    Around and around they go

    Repairing ship and spirits
    Hammers sounds from the hide
    As boards, replace the broken hide
    Metal held in place with rivets
    Far above the world lost
    Above civilizations lost
    Like the oceans the sky's
    Open for exploration
    Above the Clockwork nations
    With the birds sharing the skies
    Focusing on a random star
    Set to our noble star so far

    The Merry Little Band

    The sky may be overcast
    Still we are having a blast
    Underneath the fleet of airships
    To drum sounds sway of hips
    Many felt the calling so clear
    Black boots worn to grey
    Make light of the dark day
    For pride and country
    For freedom you and me
    Changes drawing near
    Even with fraying reasons
    Made a king by loving sons
    To the men, tip your hat to all
    For loving grace, stand tall
    With family clan always near
    The hour of departing ships
    Many depart with witty quips
    As the horns bellow with a blast
    As the story anew broadcast
    Clearly some the piper they hear
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