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    FULL NAME: Enfreth
    GENDER: Male
    ACTUAL AGE: 38yo
    RACE: Cimmerian
    CLASS: Barbarian
    EQUIPMENT/CLOTHING STYLE: he dresses with fur, often bare chested, in battle is accustomed to wield an axe in his right hand and a mace in his left hand.
    PERSONALITY: good-tempered, impulsive, easily irritable, little inclined to discipline and orders, vulnerable to the allure and feminine beauty

    Enfreth is a cimmerian man under forty, not very attractive and very bald, physically imposing and with the body completely tattooed.
    Born and raised in a village near Connarch, good-natured disposition, however, is a very fiery and passionate man, touchy and it is so easy to see him laugh as much as see him as a prey to his outbursts.
    He has participated in several raids against the vanir, in the village made a living by cutting firewood and hunting.
    He has found love in a woman cimmerian fiery as much as he named (name not chosen because it could be interpreted by any female cimmerian character), great warrior who had earned the nickname "(the character's hair color) Lioness".
    Despite the impulsive temperament of both and the initial friction in the end love is born and in their diversity they form a beautiful and extravagant couple.
    The pace is slow until it came to the village (name not chosen because it can be interpreted by any stigian male character) from distant Stygian, cloaked in mystery. Almost all men and women of the village were trying to keep themselves away, almost all, unfortunately for Enfreth.
    (The cimmera loved) was fascinating to the mysterious man and the two became friends, creating friction with jealousy and quarrels. At the end of his stay at the village, when (stigian male character) resumes its journey, even (cimmera beloved) disappears, following (mysterious stigian) without leaving any news to anyone.
    After the disappearance of (beloved cimmerian) Enfreth did nothing but drink and was more irritable than usual, paranoid that everyone mocked because his woman had gone away leaving him, to say nothing of the names that people reserved to her that angry him because in his heart he still defended her, blaming himself and the stigian more of her.
    One day, Enfreth, decides to leave the village, leaving behind the old memories and life in the village in search of change without knowing exactly what he is to look for, a little more cynical and disillusioned than before.
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