Travel East and you may find Khitai or Lemuria, travel beyond that and you find Thuria. In the eastern most regions of Thuria lies a black scar upon the land. The Black-rotten Desert is a blotch upon the land weaving its way between the mountains that divide the kingdoms. Crude temples built from black decay-stained rock are carved into the mountainside like the gaping maws of blood thirsty demons. Yet towering above all the lesser temples is the volcano called 'Krza-Mek'sha' in the native tongue or Corrupted Hell-gate.

Built around the Krza-Mek'sha is the great temple of Xy-K'Thur, Lord of Decay. The demon-god is revered only in the Black-rotten Deserts and revered with absolute undying dedication. A woman would throw her child into the depths of hell if asked by Xy-K'Thur to do so. The great temple towers high into black clouds that swirl around the summit of the Krza-Mek'sha and at the mouth of the volcano is the plateau built from the bones of those sacrificed to Xy-K'Thur by the Archpriest, Xanimarco.

Hanging over the cavern of lava in the volcano is a platform with a large black altar carved from cursed obsidian upon which over a thousand bodies have been exsanguinated and dropped into the fiery depths by a chain and raised; left hang like unholy fruits from a deathly tree. The rituals performed on the altar are immense often taking months of preparation and tens of bodies' worth of blood poured through the altar into the lava below. The hellish charms of incinerated bodies drenched in blood acting as conduits for the Lord of Decay to grant power to his most favoured disciples.

Many high priests of Xy-K'Thur attempted these rituals only to be ripped apart from within by the force of the power they tried to summon. Only Xanimarco, the archpriest, succeeded and survive the ritual. The life force of a hundred men with their skin flayed and left to rot blackened his soul. His flesh contorted and ripped, healing rapidly into decaying but never dying flesh-rot, a bone shattering crest ripped from his skull; the ultimate sacrificial tool. He is no longer human or beast or demon. His soul sundered six times, he must suffer six demon vanquishing deaths to be destroyed... for a time. Xy-K'Thur never lets his chosen one rest for long.

In his new form he reigned terror over the lands creating pits of slaves for the sole purpose of breeding them for flesh to be sacrificed and the mountain range became honey-combed with labyrinth-like temples that drive even the most sound of minds to insanity and wishing their own deaths... In this moment of doubt they are drawn to the Krza-Mek'sha and skewer themselves on a chained, stone spike before leaping towards the gate to hell a willing sacrifice left to rot above their burning salvation. Those that did not jump were taken by the archpriest and their skin taken and crafted into a living tapestry... a tapestry to be worn by the archpriest for an unknown purpose...

Xlu-Ytr. Xlu-Matr. Xlu-N'Ksa. Xlu-Uil'Ksa. Xlu-Xa'N-Ma'K.
The death. The decay. The blood. The fire. The archpriest.
The ancient proverb spoken before each and every sacrifice by the priests of Xy-K'Thur.
The Eyrie of Hell is born from the bleak void that is the mind of a man seduced by the power gifted by The Lord of Decay.