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Thread: NEW interview with CirithGorgor - current state of the game

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    Default NEW interview with CirithGorgor - current state of the game

    I so have landed another interview with CirithGorgor and it's going to be about current state of the game. I want you peeps to ask questions about current happenings in AOC. As for promised content please check this post:

    I am not going to post any suggestions about questions so go crazy. I will try to do my best to ask as much as I can get as much as I can out of this interview.

    Please keep in mind that I won't strap CirithGorgor to a chair and pump him full of truth serum so asking about very specific things (like relese dates) won't go through.

    Two things I will for certain ask a lot about are Certiss and Crafting.

    Now ask away and I will take notes.

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    I would love to hear what art direction they have planned for t6 armors.
    I am Stian ingame...

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    Yes, the crafting revamp status is a question a lot of us would like to know; more specifically ~ is it scrapped? Rumour has it, the dev that was working on it originally is gone and it's much more complicated to continue than anticipated.

    Thank You.
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    Thanks Slith, good to see that you keep going even after your Vanaheim experience

    * Crafting system: To what extent will it be free-standing content catering to casual / solo players, and to what extent will there be tie-ins with other content (dungeons, raids, pvp)?

    * Achievement system: Are there any plans to add further incentives (not necessarily power gear) for players to hunt achievements?

    * PvP: Any update on the PvP side (arenas etc)? Any plans to add more (in particular, more interesting) PvP achievements?

    * AAs: Are new AAs still on the table, and if yes, will they allow for horizontal or vertical character progression?

    * General: What was the ominous new startup project he was working on?
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    I would like to know if they ever plan to revisit thinhs that use to work, and are now broken. Reknown and the terrain in Purple Lotus Swamp are the two that pop up immediately in my head, but I know there is a lot more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roddam View Post
    I would like to know if they ever plan to revisit thinhs that use to work, and are now broken. Reknown and the terrain in Purple Lotus Swamp are the two that pop up immediately in my head, but I know there is a lot more.
    Like the rez window????

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    I would like to know if they are still working on that inventory filter so they can allow transfers from rage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan615 View Post
    Like the rez window????
    Would be nice to fix stuff that makes people not sub when they try out the game. Rez window is one of them. Looting bug and stuck particles after death is others. Invisible mounts and sprint bug after crashing is some more. Settings saving could be looked at. And the authentication error which many have problems with.

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    Gratz on nabbing an interview Slith

    Couple of things I wouldnt mind finding out if possible:

    * Steam - Any intention of merging the Steam versions of AoC (US/EU) into one appid? As it currently stands there are two versions of AoC on Steam which can make it not only hard but a little confusing for newer players.

    * Steam - TSW has trading cards implemented, any chance of them for AoC considering not only the income you receive from them but also the free advertising.

    * Steam - Achievements are now in game, any chance of them being integrated into the appid?


    * Marketing/Community - Given that the recent youtube video of Cetriss was posted by yourself on youtube & not on the official Funcom channel, what is the current situation regarding promoting new events or the game in general?

    * Marketing/Community - Tied in with the above question, any plans for new moderators for the forum or maybe some community members working on using social media for AoC (Posts from the official social sites & community team are few & far between)


    * Development - How many full time developers does AoC actually have & what constraints are put on their time between maintaining the current game & also moving forward?

    * Development - Are you planning on shifting AoC to a similar business model as TSW, maybe even buy to play with "episodes" or packs?


    * Long Term - Given that the ip for AoC expires in a couple of years & the rights for it have recently changed hands with Paradox being obtained by Cabinet Holdings, can we expect the license to be renewed given Funcoms current financial situation?

    Many thanks & Good luck with your interview

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    **General** Does Funcom realize 2/3 of their servers are dead?
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