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Thread: 100 millions to invest

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    Default 100 millions to invest

    Hi guys, if you had 100 000 000€ to invest in Age of Conan, What would you do?
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    create aoc2 , it would be less work than to fix aoc

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    Let's say we invest it in AoC as it is now, and let's say we have a kinda realistic budget.

    Frist of all, I would pay a good chunck of money for proper relocalization of server, or eventually a megaserver that have the least rubberbanding and ping possible, to be fair to the biggest part of the playerbase. I would also assure the future developpement of the game by hiring some dev solely dedicated to AoC. Then, I would pay people to create all kind of tool surrounding the game, for the community. A website gathering the feat planners, the database (AoC>TV), a complete database of items in the game, an up to date wikia, tool so find players, event schedule, convenient AA timer...

    I would also pay for people to code convenient feature in game : Group search tool, a way to visualize item on your character before equipping it, a way to change face or character appearance, that kind of thing. Also, lots and lots of bug fix, and completing pending project.

    Then, I would ask for something with a novelty value, that isn't common in other game. For instance, a dungeons with some PVE mechanism where the boss is actually another player or some dedicated funcom employee, buffed. Group would be on an island, trying to complete PVE objective on time while being hunted by a player. Once the objective completed, players still alive could fight the (human) boss.

    At last but not least, working to update the engine a bit. Higher rez, DX12 support, whatever, I'm not that tech proficient so I don't know what would be possible to do without rewriting the whole thing.

    With the rest of the money, crapload of advertising to show what we just did with this providential cash flow.
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    Right now Age of Conan have too much dead weight. Game have bad reputation, gameplay mechanic don't work as whole mechanism and game have many fails in gameplay. Come on, achivement system in 2015? Many MMO have it since 2007-2008. Token system created too late and need too many tokens for such small community. Offline levels create many characters what people can't use effective. Economic looks like totall disaster, and crafting system don't looks bright in 2015 (except T3 craft, but some of T3 craft weapons have shitty stats too). Game have some interesting PVE bosses, but don't have much PVE and PVP content in all.

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    Make TSW...


    I'd have to agree with start over on AoC 2 if you had that much. All other things aside people like new shinies more than a revamped one so my guess is that would have more of a chance of success/ROI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmagowz View Post
    Right now Age of Conan has too much dead weight. Game has bad reputation...
    /agree ... I think they would most certainly have to be re-titled; something other than AOC2 or the like.

    Something that the players who are familiar with AOC would recognize but the rest of the gaming community wouldn't be able to make a snap-judgement on based on the stigma attached to the current game.
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    I would invest in a new large expansion. While first, upgrading the engine to support Dx12, finding and fixing all bugs from beta to current, and revamping the gui and ironing out the code to be easier to fix. Some code dates back to before 2008 and they just won't touch it. It all has to be revamped, re-coded and updated to a current standard.

    New zones including dungeons, raids and pvp/siege areas. While also adding Elite and Nightmare to existing dungeons and raids. Including a group finder tool and a meet-up function.

    Crafting revamp, but not one based on random rolls. Face it, the current system is ancient and really needs an update.

    There seriously needs to be a mega server where people can pvp or group cross server while also improving latency for everyone.

    Would also have to heavily market it with dev interaction and community bonuses. Theres so many people that have never even heard of this game, and then the lot that never gave it much chance because of the bad launch. A re-launch with everything suggested above with a feeling that Funcom had a desire to care would heavily improve everyone's opinion.

    Of course a lot more could be done.
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    I would choose to rework how the followers of asura work and give them the powers to look at the code of the game and suggest changes that would fix bugs. since FoA is on a volunteer basis and is already secretive, opening it up to FoA's who are techies couldnt hurt.

    I would work to relocate the physical location of the servers to somewhere in the UK or Greenland. The reason being it would put euros and americans on an equal footing with lag, and also improve aussie/kiwi/asian lag by a bit. I would go as far as to work on the single server tech, but with pve and pvp options for instances so people can explore pvp without having it shoved down their throat and have that option to level without having to fear being ganked all night.

    I would start working on another expansion area, not to the scale of ROTGS, but something bigger than Turan, probably with a southern kingdom theme- such as drums of tombalku or xuthal of the dusk in theme.

    I would open up the first two t2 wings to free players, as well as vissy, and make small changes to the worldboss (change of loot tables, change of how far people can kite the boss, and give it actual tactics that make people have to actively engage in the fight. i would also do an auto afk kick for anyone who doesnt hit the boss for over 3 minutes.)

    If there was money left I'd work on changes to pvp, such as the unchained minis, but mostly, a new map that would force pvpers to have to work together as a team instead of rezpad farming and comparing epeen sizes in global.

    the craft revamp, i'd scratch. it wont bring people back in the long run, gradual changes to pve and pvp will, as well as opening up t2 raids for free players, and changes to the worldboss.

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    scrap the current game and start over with aoc v2. I'd retain some core mechanics like fatalities, combo system, melee animations and human character models.

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