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Thread: Cetriss, Server Merges, and Crafting Revamp time frame

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    Default Cetriss, Server Merges, and Crafting Revamp time frame

    Could we get any official word on any of these huge features? Are they coming out, are they even being worked on, have you guys at Funcom literally forgotten about them or are you just playing it off like you have forgotten about them so that people stop asking? The lack of communications to subscribers is blatantly, if I'm honest, pretty disrespectful. Why in gods name would we continue to subscribe if there is no upcoming content. It would be of high value to me if we could get a word on all the things that have been talked about in the past but haven't came out yet. It would solidify the choice to leave or stay for many people I would bet as well. @sezmra @Tomium @CirithGorgor @Anzu (If you could pass the word on)

    Because honestly as a players perspective, this is how we see things these days: Edit by Anzu: Insults are not allowed on the forums.
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    interesting how tom and sezmra post about 10 times a day on the secret world forums, but on aoc forums its nothing but patch notes and server restarts. compare aoc dev tracker vs tsw dev tracker.

    if these things are ever added funcom will probably charge us 2000-3000 points to access them. but realistically, the game is in maintenance mode - and i think the reason why there has been no mention of these things is because they were quietly shelved. just like the hyborian race server, rage server merge, unchained mini's, single server tech, T4 pvp gear, etc.
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    As customer ( sub ) and at the regard of the last days, i think it s the worth anniversary event i have seen in a mmorpg since 1998...
    As custumer... i m feeling like abused... I m really asking myself if there is a pilot in the plane in this company or if they just want to selfkill this game. In this case they are on the road.
    Like it s saying in the interview (the true one , they will focus on lego mobile development to feed shareholders...

    I m sad and i m not ready to resub at the end of the month for this kind of update: low quality than it was released before, copypaste of environment (even copying they make worse than my trainees i have in my company), short story , incredible price, old and obsolet economic model...

    i could understand the company through a difficult period financially, but please stop to bleed the pig like that or he will die.

    be more communicative and be ready to adapt or die.
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    I would love to see the crafting re-vamp but it seem slike it is on the back burner to be honest. I actually re-subbed 1/5 years on this or waiting for it but then gave up on it as it never appeared in those 12 months so I ran as ftp for a while. Crafting revamped seems unlikely to appear any time soon though which is a shame. Funcom have very little Developers on exisiting titles as those titles don't make enough to keep the company runinng. They need newer and more successful games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernests View Post
    I am afraid that for developers the only way to reassure the people is urgent to come up with an official statement the community immediately gets what has long been expected. Immediately means now, or at the latest within one month. By this I mean craft revamp, Cetriss, T4 PvP gear or new AA. People should not have to wait longer than one month because of too many times they have been cheated. Do it, while it is not yet too late!
    I remember that last time I subscribing for year, I believed that in this period would be craft revamp. Now I am not going to repeat that error.
    What are we going to do in the next 1,5 year in this game, if you subscribe to?
    The last valuable stuff all wanted was T4. But T4 gear has already gotten every pauper long ago. Almost every evening on Crom going on T4 pug raids. But people no longer want it, because they get all what wanted on several characters. T5 role is questionable because, for some classes bonuses of T5 set is not sufficiently well. For this reason, is hard to organise the T5 raids.
    All what we have seen in recent years, is only mounts, social gear and pets. Even the PvP Festival's main reward is pets. Pets for PvP-rs, LoL! Oh yes I forgot the Achievement System which gives futile titles.

    I will subscription only if I personally see finished Craft revamp, T4 PvP gear, Cetriss, new AA or something else, which is undoubtedly better than the existing stuff.
    You cannot fooled me by the empty promises again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by krippa View Post
    interesting how tom and sezmra post about 10 times a day on the secret world forums, but on aoc forums its nothing but patch notes and server restarts. compare aoc dev tracker vs tsw dev tracker.'s actually not their job to post on the forums Because FC has this weird job description for community managers, managing = communicating with the communtity is not part of it.

    I suppose if they post other stuff than patchnotes and serverdowntimes it happens on their own wish, so perhaps they like TSW more than AoC,who knows^^.

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    I, too, think it's time for some honest words. Even bad news would be nice at this point. If content like Failure of Vanaheim is all Funcom can (or is willing to) put out these days, it'd be time for a crisis "meeting" with the community, and look at our options. Yes, I say "our" options, because Funcom and the customers are, in a way, in this together. They cannot live without us, and we cannot play (AoC) without them. If Funcom is really that desparate for money and/or talent, then let us look at what can be done about that. If they'd rename the summonable strawman according to my wishes, I might be willing to give some money for that at this point.
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    Thats the thing, all I want is a little transparency.

    If AoC is doomed then I would rather hear it & in no way would it mean I would jump ship, the contrary rather, I would support it as much as I could & enjoy its last few months/years.

    The thing is when you get issues like Vanneheim a few days after the financial report it tends to skew peoples views & rightly so, so needs addressing.
    So wheres the CM or devs? This total lack of communication from Sezmra, Tomium or anyone higher up the community food chain is what is depressing about it.

    Cant you tell us? Wont you tell us?

    What is it?

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    IMO, the future of the game hinges on these 2 features, along with Slithering Chaos.

    If there is or will be no progression raiding beyond the T5, can't see end game raiders hanging on much longer. And the craft revamp has been the one thing that would interest almost everyone. I believe the crafting would re-energize the game like nothing else could and encourage some old timers who quit to come back and give it a try.

    If those things fall through, I believe AOC will have ran its course for much of the remaining population.

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    I may be the only one, but I thought the crafting revamp as they showed it a couple years ago looked horrible. The RNG is no friend to me. This is not to say that the current system is any good either of course.

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