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Thread: What is the deal with the new patch?

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    And I thought that nothing would top off the fail of 2009 1-year anniversary "event".
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    This is epic fail. It works in tsw because the bonus points you get per month is actually enough to buy the issues. We get 200 each month in aoc but in tsw a subber gets you 1200(?) each month. Since bonus points expires after 6 months it's impossible to purchase with with purely bonus points.

    Give us more bonus points if you're taking this pay wall path.
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    If there is anything in Funcom that's even remotely close to a marketing department, the whole bunch should be fired at once. And I thought I'd be working for complete morons... seems like Funcom is always able to top that.

    You never announce anything, and once you dish out... "something"... you always make it smell foul. Congratulations, that might almost be regarded as an accomplishment.
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    The thing is simple, I'd have nothing against this new model to pay for each new update but in that case change it like it is in b2p TSW and stop with this AoC ripoff.
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    This is so sad its almost funny, even if you sign up for another year you dont get any points so you still have to pay once more for that content...

    How could anyone with a sane mind ok this...
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    What a huge buzzkill! That is bad and Funcom should feel bad.

    Where does my sub-money go (yes yes I know -.- ) ... ?

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    15€ for an "expansion" that contains 2 areas which are pretty small and 1 dungeon for 1 - 3 players? Nice FunCom, very nice... I am so glad that I wasn't subsrcibing again after I heard about that Update...

    They keep trying to scare all players away from the game, thats the only thing they are really talented with

    Your sub money goes right into the developement of a new TSW update

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    Seems FonCom's financial situation is more severe than anticipated.

    This is taken from the first quarter anual report ([here):
    "Based on its current revenue and cost projections, and the postponement of the convertible bonds and working capital loan maturity to 2Q16, the Company expects to have the ability to fund its operations for the next twelve months after of the end of 1Q15"

    Cheers Euklid

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    Well... I suppouse theyve realized the only ones we remain in AoC are adicts and they know we'll eat every bowl of Edit by Anzu: No. they serve us.
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