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Thread: What is the deal with the new patch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin-chan View Post
    You guys rage now, but most of you buy it and nobody is quitting AoC. So why would they not make you pay for it? Dick move yes, but if i know that what i just said then so do Funcom also and that is exactly the reason why they do that
    I don't mean to attack your opinion, but your not correct, people are leaving this game everyday, most are not coming back, this is not going to help retain anyone who was on the bubble, have you not seen all the advertisements every day from guilds who are recruiting, they are not recruiting because they have a full raid force, they are recruiting because they need to replace all the folks who QUIT. Your also wrong about not paying, I Won't pay, LOTS WON'T PAY.

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    Not only is this a slap in the face for loyal costumers, it is so really really bad for the game.

    First teasing us by promising a great anniversary event, and now we get nothing if we don't pay.

    RIGHT NOW the game is crowded, there are so much players online, and they have zero to do. No little quest, no Vistrix attacking Conans Castle, all this players have nothing to do. We are only welcome to celebrate the 7. anniversary of our beloved game if we pay. Otherwise we don't get inveted to the party.

    Bad, just bad.

    Happy Birthday, AoC.

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    seriously the bear need to be able to least....
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    Quote Originally Posted by henryabccba View Post
    seriously the bear need to be able to least....
    This is being fixed and will be patched in soon (likely Thursday).

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    Quote Originally Posted by CirithGorgor View Post
    This is being fixed and will be patched in soon (likely Thursday).
    Nice. Finally I can jump around in the desert with my global warming adapted polar bear!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CirithGorgor View Post
    This is being fixed and will be patched in soon (likely Thursday).
    And don't forget to throw some patches on your pricings (i.e. this new content) and on your communications (what's up with the crafting-revamp?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bibik View Post
    I really don't understand, i remember clearly they abandonned to sell content in adventures packs like Turan since Turan was a fiasco. This is why DS was released (well partially) as just premium-exclusive content instead of adventure pack. And now they start again with this ?

    Anyway it's too pricy, if you want to made this game sub + b2p w.episodes, you should at least made thoses prices scalled on TSW ones and give to premium members 1200 points -non fading- each month like you do in TSW. The difference between customers of thoses 2 games is insulting.
    Why was Turan a fiasco? How would you define Fiasco? The Sega Way that everything lower than your greedy expectations in actual positive revenue is bad or that your sales income was lower than your investment cost???

    Oh, and since there was no feedback whatsoever about the normal playability of the game when zones started to disappear, why should customers care, when they do not even manage to give the basic support (like:"it was a temporary thing" or "it is fixed now" or "pls give us more details, because it is not happening to everyone")?

    Good luck funcom with this and the selling of something on "trust" alone after the years of 2009 till now...with current state of industry and a "no refund" policy in the shop.

    On the patch content:

    Bear mounts? ...could not care less unless you actually have donkeys, carts and carriers as in the actual conan stories.
    Vanaheim? Wasn't the whole existing cimmerian part based upon a vanir invasion already? What about Hyperborea, real Border kingdoms, Aesir and Brythunia?

    I can understand funcom being a big careful with big announcements...but at least now when the content is ready: advertise it properly. You have a forum and a website and people who can read and write as employees. Use these resources at least to let people know PROPERLY what they will get for the money and what part of the anniversary will be free for all and where the paywall is.
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    Second answer. Remember how they gave Turan keys with 3months sub deals only 6 months after Turan release ?
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    What a remarkable waste of money.

    I thought "hmm if they're charging $15 for it when Dragons Spine was free then maybe it'll be worth it"

    You pay $15 for an ugly, unfinished, tiny (about the size for the forgotten city) and worst of all SOLO instance.

    Why do you hate us, Funcom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by henryabccba View Post
    seriously the bear need to be able to least....
    please make 4k resolution video ....maybe im inclined to pay ....not!
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