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Thread: Monthly Development Update: May 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterClean View Post
    Of course, you're right. But don't be so down to earth Slith, you know what I meant.

    FC tries to feed our gamer's appetite after all
    My post sounded too harsh, I am sorry.

    Its just the idea that we owe anything to Funcom for puting up with subpar update scheldue grinds my gears.

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    The bear mount sounds cool, i had one in neverwinter online and loved it. Thanks for the update sezmra.
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    I dont get how something is supposed to be balanced for 1-3 players but oh well we will see

    either way new content...YAY! now lets hope it gives us some nice hours of gameplay and the tales of hyboria is a effecient way to release new content so we can get some more before next years anniversery

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    I just hope that the bear mount will not be another lizard/camel fail and they can fight or you can cast stuff mounted... and the instances will be bigger than a villa. :P

    The best gift for the players still would be fixing all the annoying bugs. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyloins View Post
    I'd be surprised if they make a new event when there was a new one last year, but then again I said the same last Halloween and FC proved me wrong. I liked the event, and hope it returns (with maybe one or two tweaks), but honestly some decent sub offers would be even nicer to me. It's not that events are bad, I just feel dev resources should be used to finally complete craft revamp now (and after that, the Crawling Chaos), not on making new events, or arena and new AAs for that matter.
    Since the recent events have been time limited and had a different "philosophy" (now it is: "finish it when we want" instead of earlier "finish it when you want") than the first ones in 2009+, i would not mind having them copy pasted again as additional choice. Would make sense with gilding tokens too.

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    inspiration for bear mount in new content is pretty obvious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slith View Post
    inspiration for bear mount in new content is pretty obvious

    Oh, you are serious...
    i expected something along the lines of

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmagowz View Post
    looooooool that was my first tought when I read Bear Mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sezmra
    We've got something for everyone during the anniversary!
    ... Didn't see anything about PvP. Crafters get nothing new. Anyone proof read that article?


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