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Thread: Hotfix

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    They fixed bugs and added stuff..or maybe they deleted stuff and made some bugs..its a crapshoot.

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    he fix nothing yes
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    My guesses:
    1) patched in next world boss
    2) patched in anniversary event
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    Can Devs please fix:
    • new ressurections resetting the currently selected ressurect position
    • loot timeout windows disappearing before progress bar completes when box hasn't been opened quickly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaevacas View Post
    My guesses:
    1) patched in next world boss
    2) patched in anniversary event
    That is usually handled during server restart.

    My guess is they were fixing some serious exploit or they are just late with the notes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan615 View Post
    So what exactly was fixed, where are the patch notes?
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    Default patch

    I noticed my hunting Nemedians and Prey no longer resets to 0 when I'm not actively killing mobs... it keeps a running total now.

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    Buyable bankslots are increased to 300 now but this may have been only me not noticing this before...

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    Well since the patch I've crashed half a dozen times while zoning.

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    Mob counter is all I see that was fixed.

    I sort of expected the following to be fixed and they weren't;
    Acheronians hunting.
    Blessed Warrior on toons that completed it previous to achievements.
    Olvaldi the Delegate dropping no loot (I presume it's suppose to drop the key for the Atzel's box)
    Ladder in Atzel's.
    The Plague Bringer.
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