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Thread: Loosing connection to server

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    Default Loosing connection to server

    Having problems today with the server randomly trowing me out from both the server, and more often the community server ingame, anyone else having these problems lately? When it happens i do internet test and everything is fine, so its not from my side i guess.
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    I don't get kicked from the game but after the rstart today I am getting awesome lags again, latency is on a average of 500ms now and goes often up to 4800ms... tested my internet connection with some tests and everything is OK, even other games run perfectly, just AoC makes problems... again...

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    Had the same every 5 min or so prior the server restart. Plenty of complains in the global after the restart.
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    i loose connection to autication server inside of game every 2 min now. have decent internet elsewhere, and was no problem before last server restart........
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    I am loosing connection since 2 weeks now and I have the best isp around, the problem are the servers in the Usa, fix this

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