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Thread: Any good pvp builds?

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    Default Any good pvp builds?

    Hey all I am looking for pvp support builds and pvp dps builds if anyone can help. Thx!
    Skeloss - Tempest of Set (pvp 6)


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    About support builds , i'd ask Jimro in your guild for advice , this man has always been the most dedicated priest on keeping his allies alive and well . (tho we're talking about PURE support , no dps fillers , heals and cc's and ground control)

    Now about dps builds , I remember using Immrotal Wrath + General in the past , but that was before the pvp gear revamp .. back then you could get a minimum of 2 kills when IW was rdy for use and a minimum of 1-2 extra frags while it was cooldowned, especially if you dared to drop all your range on the right moment for a face2face contact with the enemy. With some luck , given the enemy team are all pilled up close2 eachother your could even score a pentakill . Things have changed since then , with some AA changes of which im not rly aware , but anyways thats any info I could add since i saw no responses on your question yet .
    Etheecx -Necrow R5
    Ebedokles -Priest of Agrigento [threw himself into the volcano!]
    Teargarden -Sin R8
    Teagarden -Ranger R7
    Tempgarden - DeaTea R8
    Teadealer -ToS R3

    Ethicx -Demonologist R10
    Bedtime -Guardian R5
    SponsoredHox R3 delight

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    Nojoda pvp 10 Barb
    Pooba pvp 10 Pom
    Elosso pvp 10 BS
    Kotech pvp 10 DT
    Deeky pvp 8 Necro
    Beefstikk pvp 10 Guard
    Beefchief pvp 10 Conq
    Denoid pvp 8 Ranger
    Mousecop pvp 9 Hox

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkrunkx View Post

    Why not give a point to Sacred Smite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkrunkx View Post
    thx will give one point from splash to sacred smite....
    Skeloss - Tempest of Set (pvp 6)


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    Hey my The Law m8 here is the best build you have on POM nowday i use this build so long and its great mostly dps and support2
    If you wana full support then you go like this
    Hope this help you :-)

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