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    Decapitation Suggestion

    There's a huge influx of barbarians right now, and the reason is because they're now retardedly overpowered for oneshooting clothies.
    I been playing barb since Jan 2011 4th char and it's always been an extremely fair fun/skill ratio. Playing well used to pay off.
    It's apparent by now that the barbarian does not, and never did, need this extremely cheap-shot move changing or even existing.

    I propose the following suggestion:

    * Reduce Animation Speed to 33% of current to make it a swift decap movement.
    * Add a -15% armour debuff from it
    OR an interupt. ( The latter might make it too much like Conquerors Throat Slash though :\ )
    OR a dps boost for anyone hitting the target!

    * The speed it hits at now would do NOTHING as you swing your weapon so slow you wouldn't scratch anything and looks down right stupid
    * This would nerf it to 33% of the total damage (if I understand Damage/sec*duration?) nerfing it from OP to a smaller damage + function.
    * Give the barb some more dps against soldiers that you can't scratch as a berserker.
    * Reduce the ability of barb to oneshot clothies with At The Gates Decap spam. You can outright kill a PvP10 assassin in Clobber-Decap-Finishingblow+AtG for example

    Just a suggestion.
    Funcom's Latency Detonation crits you for 4800 millisecond damage. Claret died.

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    Some nice function and small dmg would be way better than this lame combo it is now.

    Its sad that people are silent about OP things their class have and point finger to everything else. You are one of the rare pvpers that do that.
    The other day I talked to one ranger and conversation ended with him stating that running shot in current state is everything ranger have at the moment to survive

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